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We are dedicated business succession planners.

This is all that we do.  Our number one focus is the continuity of the ownership, leadership, management and culture of your business through the next generation.




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There is light at the end of the tunnel. We promise.

While it may seem difficult or even impossible right now, we hope you will find encouragement and hope in some of our clients’ stories that will reassure you that your goals are achievable.




Questions and Answers

  • I have a CPA and Attorney, what value do you bring, do you replace them?
  • I am thinking of selling, what is the value of succession planning?
  • My kids are young, should I be thinking about this?
  • When do I need to begin succession planning?


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Adriana Puente, MST Joins The Rawls Group 

The Rawls Group, one of the nation’s most respected business succession planning firms, is proud to welcome Adriana Puente as our newest associate planner. Prior to joining The Rawls Group, Adriana received her Masters in the Science of Taxation from the executive program of the University of Illinois in 2009 and has more than 10 years of experience as a tax accountant focused on corporate, partnership, non-profit, high net-worth individuals and estate taxation. She brings to The Rawls Group a unique perspective on sophisticated tax planning techniques and the implications it can have on business profits, estate planning and family harmony.  


NCM® Associates and The Rawls Group Announce New Dealer Executive Program 

Unlike other industry programs offered, the NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program™ takes a unique, holistic approach focusing on several areas critical to dealer management, leadership, and ownership. This program is specifically designed for Family Member Employee’s in the business, Key Leaders, Dealer successors and existing Dealers.  


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