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T. Jeffrey Faulkner, M.S





Jeff’s private practice in the counseling industry allowed him to gain specialized experience in working with families in crisis and achieving mutually satisfactory resolution of significant family dynamic issues.



David Weaver, CEC





David's career spans over 30 years as a successful business executive, where he specialized in the launch and growth of independent startups and new business units across multiple industries. In these roles, he worked with CEOs and executive management to achieve aggressive growth goals and prepare their organizations for eventual sale.



Personal Responsiblitily - How Successful People Leverage This Characteristic

Conveying the seemingly intuitive business sense that comes from years of experience is a leadership trait that cannot be had by any other method than experience.  Closely related to the gaining of experience is that business leaders have learned to take initiative.  Without initiative they would not have learned some tough lessons along the way that, in essence, is what experience is all about.

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Essentials for Success: Anticipation

In my last post, I told you that I have a unique advantage of working with the leaders of America. I also have the unique opportunity of working with their successors. One of the hardest things to do in this environment is convey the years of experience and the intuitive business sense of a current leader to the next generation.  So, I try to learn from these leaders to determine what it is that they have that can help the younger generation bridge the gap of inexperience. The first essential for success that I shared in the first post is that they take personal responsibility.

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Why Family Governance Should Not be Overlooked

In my first post on this issue I said that the reason for exploring family dynamics is precisely because family issues compel business decisions. I just got off an hour long phone conversation with a client regarding generational attitude differences between her generation and the 3rd generation family member employees. The mental health issue that has brought this to the forefront is that one of the G3 family members just admitted himself, at the urging of other family members, into a drug rehab facility.

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Dig Deep Into Family Dynamics - There May Be A Mental Health Issue At Play

Not too long ago a client asked, after our initial review of the family succession planning environment, where his family stood on the weirdness scale. Well, weirdness is not really the issue, but optimization of human functioning and relationships is of paramount importance. The reason I tell clients that we pry into family dynamics is precisely because family issues compel business decisions. Little did I know 8 years ago when I entered succession planning for family owned businesses as a career how helpful my background as a professional counselor would be. In my next three posts I’ll describe several scenarios and the impact on the business planning environment.

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In-Laws - You Can be a Positive or Negative Force, Your Choice!

The second step to navigating the role of an in-law in the family business environment is to seek to understand the family’s unwritten laws -  if you don’t know them, you will not know whether you are about to break them.  Knowing the laws allows you to discover how to best live within them, and potentially even have a positive influence on those laws over time. However, you must understand as an in-law that no one has asked you to come in and be the rescuer and change all of the dysfunctional dynamics that occur in your spouse’s family.

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Likability or Accountability - Do You Have the Right People Driving Your Organization?

In my last post, "Effective Leadership - Are Your People Loyal to You or Your Vision," I discussed the idea that there are several businesses with which I’m currently working that are performing and several that are not. The difference between the two is that they either have a culture of likability or a culture of accountability. The immediate differences between the two suggested differences in leadership, people, and focus on results.

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Effective Leadership - Are Your People Loyal To You Or Your Vision?

I have worked with three business leaders recently who are struggling with performance of their business during this economic downturn. I have also worked with several who are having record years during the same economic downturn. All of these businesses have a few things in common – they are all in the same industry and have similar business models. So, why are some performing and some not performing?

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How to Build Management Team Synergy Focused on a Common Vision

My wife and I recently celebrated 15 years of marital bliss. A part of the festivities of celebrating this mile marker were spent watching the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, an event that always reminds me of how much I love music – all kinds of music, from classical to punk rock. I even have a special place in my heart for country music. As most extracurricular activities become an introspective undertaking for me, this experience watching the ASO was no different. Music really is amazing because there are only seven basic notes and all of the amazing variety of music falls within that seven-note range. There is no music that falls outside that range. It is truly amazing.

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How to Build High Performing Teams With Well-Defined Roles and Responsiblities

 In my last post, A Common Vision, I mentioned that I recently experienced the joy of watching the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra perform. I took away from that event several powerful illustrations of high performance teams. Apart from having a common vision and subordinating individual talents to those of the team for the purpose of exceptional performance, there are several other things I observed. High performance teams are characterized by having crystal clear roles and responsibilities. The orchestra was a great illustration of this trait.

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Family Dynamics and Business Performance - How Closely Are They Related?

In my previous two posts, "How to Find Balance Between Family and Business"  and "How to Achieve Balance Between the Family and the Business," I discussed two of the three steps great and enduring families engage in:

  1. They establish balance between family and business priorities.

  2. They work hard to convey this balance to and through the next generation.

  3. They pursue Succession Success.

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How to Achieve Balance Between the Family and Business

In my last post, "How to Find Balance Between Family and Business," I suggested that there are three things that great and enduring family businesses do:

  1. They are dedicated to creating a balance between family and business priorities.

  2. They proactively encourage and are dedicated to the family’s cohesive, supportive values that promote family and business balance.

  3. They achieve Succession Success.

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How To Find Balance Between Family and Business

“Oh, I’m just so tired of this. I want the business to continue, but I don’t want to be bothered with it anymore.” These words, recently voiced by a client, came out of addressing family dynamics that are impacting business decisions. There are a multitude of reasons to not address family relationship dynamics as they are impacted by the business and, conversely, they impact the business. True family leaders don’t cower in the face of these family challenges because they understand that their greatest asset is their family members. Instead, they boldly engage the family in dialogue and interactions that can at times be emotionally trying and nearly impossible to navigate.

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