Although many of us feel we are in control of every aspect in our lives, the first week of November rudely reminded us how fragile life truly is. The unexpected massacre in Fort Hood, Texas changed the lives of countless families and friends, especially those who lost loved ones. Imagine for a moment you went to work today and due to some unexpected tragedy such as the deadly shooting at Fort Hood, did not make it home? How would that financially and emotionally impact your spouse or significant other? How about your children? What about your business? Be truthful. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, how well have you prepared for the unexpected?

While there is no way to be prepared for every surprise or curve ball life throws you, you can take some important steps to ensure your family is protected in the event of your death. The first step is to ensure you have a Will and/or Trust that reflects your current goals and objectives. If you have minor children, identify Guardians to care of your minor children and Trustees who may serve as the financial steward of assets you leave behind. This may seem fundamental or rudimentary, but I cannot tell you how many families I have encountered who have no plans in place at all. If you are one of these family members described above, shame on you. Do not wait another day to take action. Your loved ones deserve better, don’t they? 

Whether you know it or not, the state of Florida (and every other state) has a plan for you should you neglect to develop your own estate plan and I assure you, you will not approve. Consult with a qualified attorney to help you determine the most compatible estate documents based upon your circumstances or feel free to email me and I will help point you in the right direction.

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