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Being a member of a family business, Champ has unique insight into the difficulties, challenges, and triumphs that our clients face when combining family and business. Champ has been an official member of The Rawls Group since 2012, although it could be said that he became a part of the team in 1984, when he was born into the family business. With a background in finance, and his personal understanding of family dynamics, Champ is technically proficient in the financial planning field and uniquely capable working with closely held businesses.

Champ earned his undergraduate degree from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, with a major in Economics. Champ began his career outside of The Rawls Group, working for Capitas Financial, providing consultative financial advice for affluent families. Champ is insurance licensed and is also a Chartered Life Underwriter®, and one of our top family business succession planning experts.

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What Makes Some Family Dealerships Win Big Against Corporate Giants?

Are family-owned auto dealerships destined to fade in the shadow of giant retail chains, or can they harness their unique heritage to outpace the competition? Champ Rawls, a business succession planner at The Rawls Group, emphasizes the delicate balance between maintaining a local, family-owned appeal while integrating the structured practices typical of larger dealerships and public companies. Emphasizing Family Business Roots Rawls advises that leveraging the dealership's identity as a local, family-oriented business can significantly benefit customer perception and loyalty. He suggests that dealerships should not only preserve but emphasize their family-business roots throughout their operations. The Shift Towards [...]

Navigating Succession Planning: A Journey of Innovation and Leadership

Join us as Joe Jankowski, the Managing Member of Armatus Dealer Uplift, shares his inspiring journey of founding Armatus Dealer Uplift. Joe's story began with his experiences as CFO and CEO of an automotive group, where he faced numerous challenges, including navigating the termination of GM and Chrysler franchises in 2009. However, it was this pivotal moment that led Joe to establish Armatus Dealer Uplift. Facing Challenges: Discover how Joe navigated the complexities of the automotive industry, including the turbulent times marked by the termination of GM and Chrysler franchises in 2009. Despite these challenges, [...]

Beyond Generations: A Blueprint for Family Business Succession Success

In this enlightening video, Joe Jankowski, Managing Member of Armatus Dealer Uplift, shares his journey and the profound impact a holistic approach to succession planning has had on his family business, relationships, and overall business trajectory. Key Insights: Discover the secrets behind Joe's success story as he delves into the strategic tools provided by The Rawls Group. Learn how these tools empowered Joe's son, the current COO, facilitating a seamless transition of leadership while preserving family harmony—a unique challenge by having one son inside the business and another outside. Real-Life Experiences & Expert Guidance: This [...]

Steering Success: The Roadmap for Auto Dealership Succession Planning

Ensuring long-term success and sustainability for your dealership goes beyond daily operations. It requires foresight, planning, and the ability to anticipate and mitigate challenges, especially when envisioning a seamless leadership transition. With the complexities of the automotive industry, dealers face numerous hurdles in growing a sustainable business. Let's explore these challenges and find tailored solutions for the dealership landscape 1. Overcoming Decision Paralysis: Crafting a Decisive Path Succession planning brings with it weighty decisions. Dealers often find themselves caught between retaining the business, considering growth, or even contemplating a sale. With myriad factors like manufacturer mandates, talent retention, and [...]

Succession Secrets: Key Insights for Seamless Leadership Transition

Discover the secrets to seamless succession planning and sustainable family business growth in this video featuring Joe Jankowski, Managing Member of Armatus Dealer Uplift. In this video, Joe shares invaluable insights drawn from his own experiences, advocating for the indispensable role of a third-party perspective in ensuring a smooth transition of family businesses to the next generation. The Power of Expertise: Discover the impact of expert succession planners as Joe emphasizes the necessity of their fresh and unbiased viewpoints. Joe urges family business owners to leverage this external insight to gain a comprehensive understanding of [...]

10 Aspects of Succession Planning in Automotive Retail

Succession planning is critical to any business; auto dealerships are no exception. With the automotive industry constantly evolving and facing new challenges, effective succession planning has become more crucial than ever before. Recently, George Karolis from The Presidio Group and Champ Rawls from The Rawls Group discussed the multifaceted landscape of succession planning. They highlighted the intricacies of this critical process and emphasized the vital considerations that shape it. The Rawls Group, with a remarkable legacy spanning five decades, is an unrivaled authority in the realm of succession planning. This conversation is a part of [...]

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