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Being a member of a family business, Champ has unique insight into the difficulties, challenges, and triumphs that our clients face when combining family and business. Champ has been an official member of The Rawls Group since 2012, although it could be said that he became a part of the team in 1984, when he was born into the family business. With a background in finance, and his personal understanding of family dynamics, Champ is technically proficient in the financial planning field and uniquely capable working with closely held businesses.

Champ earned his undergraduate degree from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, with a major in Economics. Champ began his career outside of The Rawls Group, working for Capitas Financial, providing consultative financial advice for affluent families. Champ is insurance licensed and is also a Chartered Life Underwriter®, and one of our top family business succession planning experts.

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The Risks and Rewards of Private Equity

Private equity firms have been making waves in various industries, from healthcare to technology, and even sports. While private equity (PE) may seem appealing due to the potential for high returns and the various options it offers as a business owner, it is crucial to understand the unexpected outcomes that may impact your business vision and goals. Pros and Cons of PE Partnership PE firms can be great financial partners for a business seeking expansion. They can provide the necessary resources for growth, but it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the terms of engagement before committing to a PE partnership. [...]

Strategies for Maximizing Success in Your Dealership

The auto retail industry has experienced dramatic changes and disruptions in recent years, leading to an unprecedented level of volatility and transformation. Profits have reached historic highs, dealerships have been bought and sold at a rapid rate, and a new generation of large dealers is emerging. This period of rapid change has been a source of both opportunity and instability for many dealers. To help ensure success and longevity, experts recommend the following five strategies: Professionalizing the Family Business In today's market, it's becoming more and more difficult for traditional family-owned dealerships to compete against well-financed private and public [...]

Buying or Selling Your Dealership: 5 Things You Must Consider

Dealership profits continue to soar, and dealership valuations are at record-high levels.  This is creating a surge of activity in automotive retail buy-sell.  All this activity is creating wonder around buying or selling, prompting many dealers to revisit their succession plans. Champ Rawls, a Succession Planner with The Rawls Group, and Alan Haig, President of Haig Partners, the leading buy-sell advisory firm to retail dealers, share their thoughts for those dealers looking to buy or sell. Dealers Interested in Growing: Our very own succession planner Champ Rawls answers the following questions: Q: What are the advantages of getting bigger? [...]

Four Strategies for Successful Sibling Partnerships

What do the Olsen twins, the Williams sisters, the Warner brothers, and the Wright brothers all have in common?  They are all siblings able to succeed in creating a business together.  Fundamentally, the success of any partnership, let alone a family business partnership, is ongoing work towards maintaining harmony inside the business relationship by finding the balance within the family relationships. From a family business and sibling partnership perspective, many potential relationship landmines lie around because of your shared common memories and history.  These memories have the power to aid the success of a business or undermine it.  For [...]

How to Future Proof Your Oil, Gas and Energy Business

Propane marketers, oil, gas, and "energy" business owners manage daily changes affecting their business's short and long-term goals. While there's no way to control what goes on in the world, there is a way to plan and keep your business stable despite family, political, economic, or business challenges. Doug Woosnam, a Consultant with Cetane Associates, Marty Kirshner, Partner with Gray, Gray & Gray, Clayton Latiolais and Champ Rawls, succession planners with The Rawls Group, discuss a diversity of strategies to maximize the value of your business. An essential step for future-proofing your business is determining how to maximize business [...]

Balancing Seasonal and Political Uncertainties in the Energy Business

Seasonality, inflation, politics, people, and technology are a few headwinds impacting fuel dealers, wholesalers, and service contractors in the energy space.  We are often asked, "How can we create predictable revenues in an industry influenced by so many outside "threats?" In this episode, Doug Woosnam, a Consultant with Cetane Associates, Clayton  Latiolais, a succession planner with The Rawls Group, Marty Kirshner, Partner with Gray, Gray & Gray, and our very own succession planner Champ Rawls discusses strategies to take control of the ebbs and flows of your business, which include: Strategic Planning The strategic planning [...]


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