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As Seen in Digital Dealer – Pioneering the Unknown

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In “Pioneering the Unknown, Champ Rawls, shares leading today’s dealership, or any business for that matter, into tomorrow takes more than just the experience from the past or the knowledge of working in the business with the previous owner. Today’s leaders need to search for new opportunities to develop themselves, their team, and the family [...]

As Seen in Digital Dealer – Trade, Tariffs and Labor

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In Trade, Tariffs and Labor, Champ Rawls discusses various influences impacting the retail automotive industry.   However; the car business is not the only industry impacted, there is very few, if any industry immune from the impact of government policy.   For owner’s looking to strategically plan for the future and protect against the unforeseen, Champ offers [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – Keep It or Leave It

2018-09-21T17:30:53-06:00By |Categories: Succession Blog|Tags: , , , , , |

When considering your "What's next?," in many cases, an external buy/sell is the best and only option; no successors are available, the deal is just too good to be true, or the grind has done you in. In the same amount of cases, however, working toward an internal buy-sell can provide many of the same [...]

Webcast Replay: Driving Value Through Acquiring and Retaining Key Employees

2018-09-10T15:05:53-06:00By |Categories: Succession Blog|Tags: , , , , |

     Click here to access webcast replay PowerPoint   Champ Rawls, a Partner with The Rawls Group and Suzanne Malo of DHG Search provide practical solutions to common questions perplexing Dealer's of every size across the country: Where is the talent? Why can't I find any good people? Why do people keep leaving me? As well [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – Are You Prepared for a Market Stall?

2018-08-28T15:30:53-06:00By |Categories: Succession Blog|Tags: , , , |

It's widely accepted that growth requires money and that the current economic climate would be characterized as growth oriented. However, not everyone is flush with cash. When you need credit to invest in the growth of your company what options do you have? Seeking alternatives to the traditional methods might be an answer in this [...]

As Seen in Digital Dealer – Internal vs. External Buy-Sell?

2019-10-16T10:15:26-06:00By |Categories: Succession Blog|Tags: , , |

Many have heard the news and read the articles that consolidation is the future of the auto business. The big corporations are diligently working to squeeze out the little guys, putting smaller operators behind the curve wondering if they can survive. As the business gets tougher, it appears the message continues to get out while [...]

As Seen in Digital Dealer – Innovate and Adapt

2019-10-16T10:17:21-06:00By |Categories: Succession Blog|Tags: , |

Where we were, is not where we are now, and not where we are going. As I work with dealers across the country, this statement describes many of our conversations around planning and developing talent for the future. Once an industry comprised of “mom and pop” dealerships, due to the demand from the public to [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – When, Why, and How to Adapt

2018-03-22T14:00:53-06:00By |Categories: Succession Blog|Tags: , |

Where we were is not where we are now and not where we are going to be. As I work with multi-unit franchisee owners across the country, this statement describes many of our conversations around planning and developing talent for the future. Once an industry comprised of "mom and pop" businesses, the number of multi-unit [...]

As Seen in Digital Dealer – Successors: Getting out of the Middle

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With more family businesses then ever seeking succession through the next generation of family leadership, a change to a multigenerational management structure is occurring with regularity all over the country. Owners are counting on the seasoned professionals who have carried the day to day operations of dealership management for the past 20 plus years through [...]

As Seen in Automotive Buy Sell Report – Grow or Exit, Is Private Equity for You?

2017-01-23T15:05:53-06:00By |Categories: Succession Blog|Tags: , , |

The automobile industry’s general upward trajectory, with increased car sales and dealer profits, has led the finance world to recognize the industry as a solid investment. Retail auto dealerships have become more intriguing as investors seek to diversify their holdings. Meanwhile, the transportation industry is evolving as new players create direct-to-consumer products and advanced technologies [...]