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Being a member of a family business, Champ has unique insight into the difficulties, challenges, and triumphs that our clients face when combining family and business. Champ has been an official member of The Rawls Group since 2012, although it could be said that he became a part of the team in 1984, when he was born into the family business. With a background in finance, and his personal understanding of family dynamics, Champ is technically proficient in the financial planning field and uniquely capable working with closely held businesses. Champ earned his undergraduate degree from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, with a major in Economics. Champ began his career outside of The Rawls Group, working for Capitas Financial, providing consultative financial advice for affluent families. Champ is insurance licensed and is also a Chartered Life Underwriter®.

Episode 5 – Do you think business owners generally know the value of their business?

2020-07-16T19:51:47-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Business Value: How to Determine & Grow Value, Succession Podcast|

A recent study performed which Gina Miller discusses in this podcast revealed 60% of business owners surveyed felt they understood the value of their business but only 8% had their business valued in the last few years. Where do you fall? Champ Rawls a Partner of The Rawls Group and [...]

Episode 4 – Do business owner’s understand their retirement needs?

2020-07-16T19:53:03-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Business Value: How to Determine & Grow Value, Succession Podcast|

As one has set out to build a business to fulfill their entrepreneurial goals they also looked at the business for as a means to build the lifestyle they imagined. Often a business owner's largest asset is their business. In a recent study Gina Miller discusses in the podcast, only [...]

Episode 3 – How do you increase business value?

2020-07-16T19:54:11-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Business Value: How to Determine & Grow Value, Succession Podcast|

Business value depends upon many moving parts - earnings, profit, forecast growth and risk. An area many business owner overlook, is the dependence of the operation on their leadership. Selling or transitioning the business to the next generation requires leadership bench strength and the ability for the business to operate [...]

Episode 2 – How Do You Determine Value?

2020-07-16T19:55:40-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Business Value: How to Determine & Grow Value, Succession Podcast|

Champ shares a key dynamic we look for in determining value which is "What is the potential profitability during a transaction." Digging into leadership bench strength, management teamwork, and process provides a good indicator for future performance. Gina also shares 3 approaches to determining business value.  Champ Rawls a Partner [...]

Episode 1 – How Do You Define Business Value?

2020-07-16T19:56:31-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Business Value: How to Determine & Grow Value, Succession Podcast|

The definition of value is found in the purpose for which it is being evaluated. Value is not just determined by gross revenue and profits, leadership bench strength, relationship with strategic vendors and community perception also impact value. Champ Rawls a Partner of The Rawls Group and Gina Miller who [...]

As Seen in Automotive Buy Sell Report – Balance sheet and goodwill not only areas a dealership can add value in a buy-sell

2020-01-02T13:18:14-06:00By |Succession Blog|

The automotive retail sector continues to be hot in the M&A industry. Family offices, private equity groups and other private investors are looking for ways to expand their portfolios.  It is not rare to see such activity in the automotive retail sector.  What is rare is the generational dealers, those who are two and three [...]

As Seen in Digital Dealer – Pioneering the Unknown

2020-03-24T13:09:07-05:00By |Leading Your Business Through Transition, Succession Blog|

In “Pioneering the Unknown, Champ Rawls, shares leading today’s dealership, or any business for that matter, into tomorrow takes more than just the experience from the past or the knowledge of working in the business with the previous owner. Today’s leaders need to search for new opportunities to develop themselves, their team, and the [...]

As Seen in Digital Dealer – Trade, Tariffs and Labor

2019-11-25T13:06:22-06:00By |Succession Blog|

In Trade, Tariffs and Labor, Champ Rawls discusses various influences impacting the retail automotive industry.   However; the car business is not the only industry impacted, there is very few, if any industry immune from the impact of government policy.   For owner’s looking to strategically plan for the future and protect against the unforeseen, Champ [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – Keep It or Leave It

2019-12-23T13:36:57-06:00By |Succession Blog|

Undergoing the purchase or sale of a business unit is hard work. Multi-unit franchise owners often consider an external buy/sell as their only option. There is another option. The internal buy/sell. It comes with more challenges, which often deter franchise owners from going down this path. Champ Rawls provides reasons you should consider this [...]

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