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Greg Sisa knows and understands how to strategize toward achieving business goals despite the ever-changing environments impacting family businesses today.  From nearly a decade of service as a US Navy SEAL and as a co-founder of an entrepreneurship accelerator for the US and Israel Navy SEALs,  Greg has extensive experience in strategic planning, leadership development, scenario planning, team building, and developing high-performing organizational structures.

After transitioning out of the Navy in 2016, Greg focused on putting families on a path to success, which first began with his establishment of With Your Shield, a certificate program at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. With Your Shield focused on preparing and strengthening military families for the dynamic change to a civilian lifestyle.  In addition, Greg co-founded Version Bravo, a multi-national entrepreneurship accelerator for US and Israel Navy SEALs whose mission is to transition the Navy’s elite performers into elite entrepreneurs and business owners.

Greg received an MBA from the University of Southern California and embraces the “White Belt Mentality” of always being in the mode of learning.  In addition, Greg is a dedicated husband and father and enjoys adventures in the outdoors with his family.

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Family Business Success – Leadership Lessons from a Navy SEAL

How to have success in leadership Ever wondered how military precision and leadership can transform your business strategy? In this enlightening video, Greg Sisa, a Succession Advisor at The Rawls Group and former Navy SEAL, delves into the critical leadership lessons he's learned. Key Highlights: Understanding Your Team: Greg emphasizes the importance of knowing your team members at every level, understanding what motivates them, and how this fosters a strong sense of loyalty and community within an organization. Integrity as a Cornerstone: He highlights integrity, honesty, and doing the right thing even when no one's [...]

In the Trenches of Business: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Succession

How does the Navy SEAL Creed help guide succession? Is the guide to success in enduring business leadership hidden within the Navy SEAL Creed? Discover how Greg Sisa, a former SEAL turned Succession Advisor, unveils the powerful tenet of being 'ready to lead and be led'—a principle that could revolutionize your approach to succession planning and secure your company's legacy. Dive into the insights that bridge the gap between military excellence and family business success. Key Highlights: Navy SEAL Principles Applied to Business: Insights into how the disciplined, principled approach of the Navy SEALs can [...]

Mastering Succession: The White Belt Mentality in Business Leadership

What is the 'White Belt Mentality' in business leadership? Ever wondered how a Navy Seal's mindset could revolutionize business leadership? In this compelling video, Greg Sisa, a seasoned Succession Advisor with The Rawls Group and former Navy Seal, unveils the transformative power of the 'white belt mentality' in business succession and growth. Dive into the essence of continuous learning and adaptability, crucial for navigating the ever-evolving business landscape." Key Highlights: White Belt Mentality: Embracing the novice mindset, characterized by humility and an unending thirst for learning, regardless of your position. Cross-Generational Wisdom: The invaluable insights [...]

Sacrifice & Succession: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Legacy Building

Family business sacrifice Did you know that the principles of legacy and sacrifice in the Navy SEALs have a surprising parallel in family business succession? In this insightful video, Greg Sisa, a former Navy SEAL turned Succession Advisor with The Rawls Group, delves into the depths of commitment and dedication required to sustain a family legacy.   Key highlights: Sacrifice Beyond the Battlefield: Greg shares a unique perspective on sacrifice, highlighting that while SEALs choose their path out of passion, the real sacrifices often fall on their families. Parallel to Family Business: He draws a [...]

Strategies For Successful Multi-Brand Franchise Ownership

Dive deep into the intricate world of multi-brand franchise ownership with seasoned experts Jeff Bannon and Greg Sisa from The Rawls Group, alongside Nate Riordan, founder of West Coast Franchise Law. If you're a multi-unit franchisee navigating the industry's complexities, this discussion is tailor-made for you. Join us as these experts share invaluable strategies and insights to empower your journey in multi-unit and multi-brand franchising.  Key Insights Discussed: Navigating Franchisor Requirements: Explore the challenges faced by franchisees dealing with diverse franchisor requirements. Jeff, Greg, and Nate dissect topics like refinancing and ownership transfers, offering practical [...]

Navigating Franchisee Succession Challenges: Expert Insights & Strategies

Join us for a candid and insightful conversation featuring Jeff Bannon and Greg Sisa, seasoned succession planners from The Rawls Group, and Nate Riordan, the visionary founder of West Coast Franchise Law. In this discussion, they address a critical issue faced by countless franchisees: finding a qualified next-generation successor. Facing Realities and Challenges: Explore the prevalent misconceptions and challenges that plague family businesses and multi-brand franchisees when passing the torch to the next generation. Gain valuable insights into overcoming these obstacles and ensuring a seamless transition. Defining Roles and Expectations: Dive deep into the pivotal [...]

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