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Kendall is the Director of Development for The Rawls Group. Since officially joining the firm in 2004, she has navigated issues that many business owners face, including working effectively with family, building rapport with key management and outside strategic partners, influencing teamwork, and implementing strategic initiatives to drive growth and increase organizational performance. Kendall knows and understands the challenges that impact entrepreneurial-owned businesses’ success and offers a unique perspective derived from her background and experience as a second-generation, family-member-employee of The Rawls Group.

Kendall is a frequent contributor to national industry publications in automotive retail, multi-unit franchise, marine, and energy. In her spare time, Kendall enjoys spending time with her dog, practicing yoga, playing beach volleyball, and volunteering for her local neighborhood association.

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Breaking Hub-and-Spoke Management Culture to Create Growth & Succession Options

In the dynamic realm of propane, oil, and gas businesses, effective leadership is vital for smooth operations, growth opportunities, and family business succession planning options, especially when the owner isn't present. Consider a case study example to help you identify if your business is suffering from a hub-and-spoke management culture and learn actionable steps to address the issue with positive outcomes. Case Study: Identifying and Addressing Hub-and-Spoke Management in a Propane Family Business Identifying the Issue: ABC Propane Company, a family-owned business, has been experiencing growth over the years. However, with this growth came challenges in operational efficiency and [...]

Unmasking Entitlement: Protecting Your Dealership’s Success

In the bustling world of the car business, success hinges on the quality of the customer's experience and the strength of the team behind the dealership. However, there exists a silent threat that can undermine even the most promising businesses: entitlement. Here, we'll explore how entitlement can creep into your dealership, how to identify its subtle signs, and, most importantly, how to eradicate it to safeguard your dealership's prosperity and succession planning vision. Unveiling Entitlement in Your Car Dealership(s): Entitlement often goes unnoticed, masquerading behind the guise of experience or seniority. It can manifest in various forms, from a [...]

Competing with the Big Players: Professionalizing Family-Owned Auto Dealerships

The Importance of Professionalism in Family-Owned Auto Dealerships In the current corporate landscape, family-owned enterprises are facing challenges as they vie for success against bigger conglomerates and nationally recognized brands. In the automotive industry, where consolidation is prevalent, family-owned dealerships are under significant strain to keep pace with their larger counterparts and stay relevant. One viable solution for family-owned dealerships to gain a competitive advantage is to adopt a more professional approach to running their business. The Role of Culture in Family-Owned Auto Dealerships Successful family-owned dealerships or auto groups often neglect formalities that can lead to problems such [...]

From Hub to Hero: 10 Strategies for Dominant Multi-Unit Franchise Leadership

In the dynamic world of multi-unit franchise ownership, effective leadership is the key to seamless business operations, even in the owner's absence. This is particularly crucial for those navigating growth and succession strategies. However, the conventional "hub and spoke" management approach, often seen in entrepreneurial-owned businesses and multi-unit franchises, can present challenges to smooth operation, growth, scaling, and succession planning. Drawbacks of the Hub-and-Spoke Model Under the hub-and-spoke model, all information and decisions flow through a central individual—the hub—while the spokes represent employees fulfilling specific roles. While this approach is prevalent, it comes with drawbacks that impede progress. Growth [...]

Unmasking the Silent Threat: Defend Your Family Business from the Entitlement Virus!

In the intricate world of family business succession planning, a stealthy and dangerous virus could quietly sabotage your success: entitlement. This pervasive issue often lurks unnoticed, impacting your business in ways you might not even realize. Understanding Entitlement Let's demystify entitlement. It's when individuals believe they deserve special treatment, setting them apart from their peers. In business, entitlement rears its ugly head when employees or executives think they should be treated differently than their colleagues. Unfortunately, this issue is often so ingrained that business owners may not know it's happening right under their noses. The Tenure [...]

Next-Gen Strategies for Family Business Success

Rising Stars: Crafting Your Path in Propane & Renewable Energy As the proud next-generation family member of a successful business owner, you've likely encountered the age-old struggle of finding your identity and creating your path amidst your parents' towering achievements. Consider the sentiment shared by the daughter of a propane business owner: "My father is so good at everything he does. Everything he touches seems to turn into gold. I am not sure I will ever be as good as my father!" Such words resonate with many who navigate the unique landscape of family businesses. Living in the shadow [...]

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