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Kendall is the Director of Development for The Rawls Group. Since officially joining the firm in 2004, she has navigated issues that many business owners face, including working effectively with family, building rapport with key management and outside strategic partners, influencing teamwork, and implementing strategic initiatives to drive growth and increase organizational performance. Kendall knows and understands the challenges that impact entrepreneurial-owned businesses’ success and offers a unique perspective derived from her background and experience as a second-generation, family-member-employee of The Rawls Group.

Kendall is a frequent contributor to national industry publications in automotive retail, multi-unit franchise, marine, and energy. In her spare time, Kendall enjoys spending time with her dog, practicing yoga, playing beach volleyball, and volunteering for her local neighborhood association.

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Taking “IT” to Another Level – Leaning Into An Alter Ego

Want to be a better leader, a better communicator, create more options, and move closer to what you want? Alter egos creates the opportunity to turn up or down characteristics, strengths, etc. in certain environments. You can borrow success patterns from one area of your life or leaders/influencers you respect and apply them to your environments. The Rawls Group's alter ego, Dr. Merlot brings levity to our passion, succession planning. Many deem the topic as heavy and depressing and shy away or avoid the topic altogether.  Business owner's who perceive succession as the end, retirement, [...]

Succession Planning – Create Options & Avoid Catastrophe

It’s been nearly two years of navigating uncertainties brought on by COVID-19. Wouldn’t it be nice to change the narrative and focus on “THE KNOWN” and what we can control? The first KNOWN is our current tax laws, and that they will be changing. In the recent series: “What’s Up with President Biden’s Tax Proposals” we talk about what is proposed and insight on how to strategize with the opportunities at our fingertips. A few highlights: Lifetime Gift Tax Exemption: The current lifetime exemption is about $11.7M per person and $23.4M per married couple. Biden has proposed cutting the [...]

How to Create Boundaries Between Family and Business

The focus for this installment of  “Dear Dr. Merlot” is Family Governance. Family Governance policies are the first step to create boundaries between the family and the business.   The specific question we will cover from Loyd's book Family Business Heartburn Relief: Answers to Gut-Grinding Family Business Questions is:   How do the opinions of others apply to governance? Before jumping into the featured question above: What is Governance? Simplest description: Set of guidelines, boundaries, processes, and/or procedures for how the family interacts with the business and the business interacts with the family. Business owners often ask us, [...]

Die Hard Lesson #337 – Plan Or Die, Don’t Do Both

 A plan is simply a snapshot in time. It considers all assumptions made at the time of developing it has played out exactly as prophesized. But, our worlds are action-packed and dynamic, which leads to the saying by Robert Burns “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. A good example of best-laid plans is one of the best Christmas movies ever, Die Hard! John McClane's evening did not go as planned when he showed up at his wife's Christmas Party. HOWEVER, because he was an NYC cop he had tactical training which [...]

Don’t Let An Old Plan Rotten Your Future

We Often Hear “I Have A Plan." At 24 I Had a Plan, probably like many of you in your 20’s. If you are 24 and reading this you may not get the “joke” but if you are at least a year older than 24, say 26, you get it. Environments Change – Plans Change! I’m About to Turn 41. My Goals, feelings & perspective have changed since 24 – AT 24, I wanted to live in a big city and was ecstatic to live in a women’s dorm to make it happen. I also [...]

Is Your Business Held Back By Outdated Strategies?

Feelings, perspectives, attitudes, and goals change at a drop of a dime. What were your priorities and strategies 18-20 months ago before the Covid chaos started.  Could you have envisioned where you and your business would be today?  Perhaps there are things you recognize you were not prepared for or something you would want to do differently.  You may or may not have had a "plan" but likely were not actively engaged in planning, so you were caught off guard like many business owners. COVID is hopefully a once-in-a-lifetime situation, however, it represents how quickly change can happen and [...]

What is Changing In the Areas of Estate Tax?


Planning Opportunities To Take Advantage of Now


Leadership in Uncertain Times

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