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How Do I Safeguard Business Continuity if I, as the Operator or Key Leader, Gets Sick?

2021-05-10T10:06:40-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Burning Questions, Multi-Unit Franchising, Video|

It should not take a pandemic to showcase the importance of planning. Prior to the pandemic, many business owners had not considered the creation of a contingency plan, however, it is top of mind for many now. One way to ensure you have protected the operational and financial continuity of [...]

Creating Leadership Bench Strength for Succession Planning

2021-04-23T15:48:44-05:00By |Succession Blog, Video|

Listen in to Jéan's insight into how to create organizational bench strength to power your business through transition. The term bench strength may appear indirectly placed in your business as the term generally relates to a weight lifting exercise. However, just as an individual leverages a bench press to create [...]

Family Business: Harboring Gratitude versus Resentment

2021-04-23T14:59:06-05:00By |Succession Blog, Succession Matrix-10 Point Perspective, Video|

Listen in to Hugh’s insight into how to create meaningful strategies to ensure you are harboring gratefulness versus unintended resentment amongst family. A grateful heart is significant when we feel we’ve gone above and beyond to provide something for our children/grandchildren. Knowing our children are thankful usually inspires us to [...]

The Rawls Group Joins MRAA as Platinum Partner Member

2021-02-10T11:53:54-06:00By |Succession Blog|

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announces The Rawls Group has become a Platinum Partner Member. The Rawls Group, with its succession planning proficiency, is dedicated to the continuity of the ownership, leadership, management and culture of businesses through the next generation. Its expertise about interpersonal-management to business-financial issues helps businesses with their [...]

Tips For Combining Family, Business, And The Holidays

2020-11-25T13:17:07-06:00By |Succession Blog|

It is extraordinary for any family to have perfect interactions all the time, and if they say they do they aren’t being honest with themselves.  Sibling rivalry, mood swings, personality differences and differing expectations are only a few influences making family communication fun.  And the holidays, even though with cheer in the air, are [...]

Unknowns Create Anxiety & Fear: Protect the Future of Your Franchise

2020-09-22T10:46:55-05:00By |Succession Blog|

When a crisis hits the need for succession planning is emphasized that much more.  In our country’s current climate there are a lot of questions and concerns as to what the future holds. In a recent conversation with a franchise CPA with Citrin Cooperman and a franchise attorney with Einbinder and Dunn, we collectively [...]

How’s Your Culture

2020-08-26T13:23:22-05:00By |Succession Blog|

Creating and maintaining a stronger and more positive work culture, provides a competitive advantage. You are able to recruit and retain the best employees and customers enjoy doing business with you. You create a feeling of trust and security with your customers and your community feels safe because your culture ensures everyone is working [...]

Management Synergy & Teamwork

2020-08-26T13:39:28-05:00By |Succession Blog|

Effective teamwork is imperative to running a productive and strong performing multi-unit franchise operation. As a multi-unit franchisee, it is up to you to set the standard and tone for what management synergy and teamwork look like. In times where there are unknowns and uncertainties, your "team" has so many other personal and self-interest [...]

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