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Atlanta, GA

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Kendall is the Director of Development for The Rawls Group. Since officially joining the firm in 2004, she has navigated issues that many business owners face, including working effectively with family, building rapport with key management and outside strategic partners, influencing teamwork, and implementing strategic initiatives to drive growth and increase organizational performance. Kendall knows and understands the challenges that impact entrepreneurial-owned businesses’ success and offers a unique perspective derived from her background and experience as a second-generation, family-member-employee of The Rawls Group.

Kendall is a frequent contributor to national industry publications in automotive retail, multi-unit franchise, marine, and energy. In her spare time, Kendall enjoys spending time with her dog, practicing yoga, playing beach volleyball, and volunteering for her local neighborhood association.

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Create More Control Over Your Future

No one can predict the future, but as a business owner, you can manage uncertainties by strategically thinking through the possible, probable, and potential issues impacting your long-term goals. This is where succession planning comes in. A succession plan provides a roadmap outlining growth strategies, contingency plans, governance guidelines, leadership transitions, and strategic plans. A well-executed succession plan can help a business maintain stability during difficult times and be a significant selling point when wanting to invest in new brands, looking for potential investors, or looking to sell the business to a third party. Creditors, investors, potential buyers, or [...]

Leadership VS Management

How often have you seen ineffective leaders in senior-level positions? Likewise, how often have we seen a manager that demonstrates exemplary leadership skills? A question many of us probably don't ask ourselves enough is: what is the difference between management and leadership? Without careful consideration, many of us would probably question if there were a difference. Leaders guide a group of individuals towards the common good of all. They know how to listen to different perspectives and quickly and creatively problem solve, which leads to results benefiting the entire team. On the other hand, a manager focuses more on [...]

Building Supportive Habits, Beliefs and Behaviors

This is part three of our discussion focused on Ownership and Accountability. We started this discussion focused on the impact we can have when we take ownership of our attitude and how we choose to show up in the episode titled Ownership & Accountability. In part two of the series, Assumptions, Limiting Beliefs and Labels, we discussed mental and emotional crutches and how they influence our behavior. As we round out the topic of Ownership & Accountability, in this episode, we discuss how to let go of limiting beliefs and begin to create new patterns [...]

Evolve with Change

The only thing that we can rely on to be constant is change. The political environment is forcing rapid change, as we’ve never seen before. Technology continues to evolve, forcing us to embrace it or simply get left behind. Demographics are changing with a record number of Boomers who are set to retire in the next few years, causing anxiety for many about who may be their future leader. A change in leadership brings with it a distinct change in style. Everyone is unique with their personality type that impacts inter-office relationship dynamics, how departments operate, and how the [...]

Assumptions, Limiting Beliefs and Labels

This is part two of our discussion focused on Ownership and Accountability. In the last episode, Ownership and Accountability, we discussed ownership from the perspective of owning our attitude, how we choose to show up, the impact we want on our environment, and the purpose for why we are dedicating our heart and time. This episode immediately picks up with the question relating to the difference between Men and Women in Leadership and how we approach ownership and accountability differently. We also dig deep into the mental or emotional crutches we may lean on, which [...]

Ownership and Accountability

Ownership is a big part of leadership as a team member or team leader. How you choose to show up and influence those around you is owning your attitude. Everything you do impacts someone else in some form or fashion, positively or negatively. Ownership is taking responsibility for your actions and, in a positive manner, committing to improving the situation at least 1% better today than yesterday. A common question we hear is how can I nurture an ownership mentality amongst the team? In this episode, Brigitta shares the power of questions and how asking [...]


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