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Atlanta, GA

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Kendall is the Director of Development for The Rawls Group. Since officially joining the firm in 2004, she has navigated issues that many business owners face, including working effectively with family, building rapport with key management and outside strategic partners, influencing teamwork, and implementing strategic initiatives to drive growth and increase organizational performance. Kendall knows and understands the challenges that impact entrepreneurial-owned businesses’ success and offers a unique perspective derived from her background and experience as a second-generation, family-member-employee of The Rawls Group.

Kendall is a frequent contributor to national industry publications in automotive retail, multi-unit franchise, marine, and energy. In her spare time, Kendall enjoys spending time with her dog, practicing yoga, playing beach volleyball, and volunteering for her local neighborhood association.

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Sharing Business Success With The Next Generation

Owning a business in this highly competitive market is complex. Add in the relational dynamics of partnering with a sibling, parent, cousin, spouse, child, or friend, and the complexities multiply. Studies show 70 percent of businesses with family involved fail or are sold in the second generation, and just 10 percent of companies survive into the third generation. These numbers can be alarming if you are the owner, employee, or family member associated with the business. However, you don’t have to be one of the statistics if you don’t want to; you can take control of your future by [...]

Evaluating What and Why You Are Doing What You Are Doing

In this episode, “Your Tribe” discusses the “hats” we wear regarding our responsibilities in relationships, at home, at work, and the standards we impose on ourselves. If only “de-committing” were as easy as someone telling you to “Just Stop It,” but it’s not because most of what we have taken on has to get done somehow. Listen to “Your Tribe” discuss strategies for evaluating and delegating that to-do list. Link to Resources: Share other resources that come to mind and we will add them here. Email Join Us! Your tribe is just that, YOURS, which [...]

Discussing Complex Family Business Issues, the Right Way

Summer months often mean vacations with family.  Family may be business partners, employees, or those who influence business decisions as a life partner, husband, or wife.  The difference between a productive dialogue and a blowout conflict often boils down to choice and awareness on both sides.  Timing, environment, preparation, and other dynamics influence an interaction's positive or negative outcome. Juggling work, relationships, and personal time makes life busy, so it can seem like there isn't a good time to bring up important topics.  It is natural to think it may be a good time to broach particular issues during [...]

Productive Flow

There are hundreds of self-help time management books professing best practices for "getting stuff done." But, the key to remember in finding your productive flow is a best practice is only a best practice if it works for you. Listen to four different perspectives and approaches to time ownership and strategies for adapting "best practices" to your unique strengths and capabilities. 0:00 Your Tribe Introduction 0:30 Steven Covey's 4 Quadrants Time Ownership Tool 0:55 Q1: Important and Urgent: Must be addressed NOW! 1:18 Q2: Not Urgent but Very Important: Most productive 2:02 Q3-4: Delegate or [...]

Knowing Your Why Will Help You Succeed

Growth in revenues, depth of bench strength, knowledge, expertise, locations, brands, and profits are all signs of life. If the organization is not growing in some way, competition will better you.  As a leader, it is essential to understand succession strategies as it pertains to growth so you can reach your desired objective. Owners who know succession planning is not just about estate and exit planning, are already scaling towards their vision. Anything, we as humans define “worth doing,” is generally motivated with a purpose or fulfillment of a need or want. How we choose to invest our time, [...]

Respect and Opportunity: Critical to Attracting & Retaining Talent

According to a new survey from Pew Research Center 63% of workers quit their job due to no opportunities for advancement, and 57% felt disrespected at work. People know how valuable they are to organizations, and if they don't feel respected and inspired, they will go somewhere else that can give them what they want.  Following are three strategies you can start to implement in your culture today to attract talent and minimize turnover. Create a Career Ladders People want to be able to envision a prosperous future with a company. They are not applying to your company hoping to [...]


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