Trusted advisors ensure business owners can meet their strategic objectives in all business areas. However, this does not mean that the trusted advisors providing advice on taxation and estate planning or those navigating the legal arena will best serve a business owner looking to grow or sell. Many Dealers lean on their attorney, CPA, or generalist “broker” to represent them in the sale of their dealership or facilitate delicate interpersonal succession planning dynamics. Unfortunately, where these advisors are critical to the selling and succession process, they can lack game-changing insight simply because they don’t specialize in buying, selling, or growing dealerships or interpersonal nuances of succession planning.

In this episode, Pete Theil with Haig Partners and The Rawls Group’s succession planner Champ Rawls discusses the importance of specialists, especially considering the complexities of the car business, net worth, family, and nuances associated with balancing family and business.

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Are you struggling with finding trusted advisors specializing in succession planning for your dealership? While your attorney, CPA, or generalist broker may provide valuable advice in various areas, they might lack the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of succession planning within the automotive industry. At our firm, we understand the unique challenges and nuances associated with succession planning, especially in the context of dealership sales and family dynamics.

Contact us today, and we can provide you with insights and resources tailored to your dealership’s specific needs. Our team of specialists, including succession planners with extensive experience in the automotive industry, can offer game-changing insights to help you achieve your strategic objectives. Schedule a consultation with us, and in just 30 minutes, you may gain valuable ideas to apply immediately to your business. Let us help you navigate the intricacies of succession planning and ensure a smooth transition for your dealership’s future success.

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The Succession Planning Matrix

Many people put off succession planning because they think it means retirement, exit, and the end. However; succession planning is just the beginning. It gives the owner options in terms of what “their next” looks like, whether that be growth, philanthropy, or a new business venture. Our process focuses are addressing 10 key areas of what we call the Succession

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We can help you with insights, other resources, and see if it makes sense to work together. At the very least, in 30 minutes, you may get some ideas you can apply to your business right away.