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Leading Through Transition

There is light at the end of the tunnel. We promise.  You are resilient and events in our history like COVID-19 make us stronger and innovative to solve the issues unique to times of turbulence.

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Bench Strength and Succession Planning

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The term bench strength may appear abstract and very indirectly placed in your business as most would consider the term (bench-strength) to define one person laying on a bench-press while on the brink of lifting a weighted bar. However, if we conceptualize the components of skills, capabilities, experience, and who contributes those components daily [...]

Why Business Owners Need to Diversify Away from Their Operating Business and How to Do It

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Our clients are among the wealthiest people in the country. Every one of them has a net worth that exceeds the current lifetime exemption amount and, therefore, fall into the category of the 1%’ers. In, Why Business Owners Need to Diversify Away from Their Operating Business and How to Do It, Jeff Faulkner, explains [...]

How Partners Balance The Great Family Business Oxymoron

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Keeping results and relationships balanced among business partners and family members requires understanding that each member of the family walks around with several identities that shift from one priority environment to another. There are 6 main priority environments: Work,  Family, Social,  Financial Health, Physical Health, and Your Personal Operating System  Here are some of [...]

What is Changing In the Areas of Estate Tax?


Planning Opportunities To Take Advantage of Now


Leadership in Uncertain Times

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