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Leading Through Transition

There is light at the end of the tunnel.  You are resilient and events in our history like COVID-19 make us stronger and innovative to solve the issues unique to times of turbulence. We have shepherded our clients through many environments like we have today.


Dealership Succession Planning

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Succession planning has never been more important for dealers.  Profits are high, demand for stores is high, and the cost to compete is getting higher.  Having the proper plan in place ensures you are able to navigate times like these Automotive News recently featured David Ciambella, in “Buy-Sell Q&A: Dealership Succession Planning" alongside Alan [...]

Lead Like a Girl

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Our discussion focuses on a recent article authored by Nancy D O'Reilly titled “Lead Like a Girl.” published on' website In the article, Nancy shares “Women already have the raw material we need to become successful leaders. We just need to shift our attitudes and master the best practices to [...]


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Planning Opportunities To Take Advantage of Now


Leadership in Uncertain Times

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