One of the biggest questions dealers are asking these days is when and how to bring their next-generation of the family in the dealership. The simple answer to this is that they should come into your business when they, and you are ready. Readiness, however, is a subjective term. These three perspectives, should be considered as you are going through the decision-making process:

  1. Yours, the owner
  2. Your next-generation family member, AKA Next-Gen
  3. Your business’

Yours, the owner

Your perspective as the business owner is foremost important. As the dealer principal, you have the freedom of control and the burden of responsibility. So, if you want your Next-Gen on board, feel free to make them an offer. However, if you are a bit reluctant to put on the fraternity or sorority rush, you are likely feeling the burden of responsibility to ensure you are not short cutting your Next-Gen or business.


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