Comprehensive Approach

We evaluate and approach your business succession from 10 unique yet highly-connected perspectives, providing a 360° view of your environment.

Our decades of experience facilitate positive outcomes and efficiently address the possible, probable, and potential issues impacting the value of your business, allowing you to live the lifestyle you want and achieve your long-term business vision.

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Owner Motivation & Perspective

Motivation and perspective establishes operating direction and performance expectations.

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Personal Financial Planning

Use the fruits of your labor to build personal financial security independent of the business.

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Successor Preparation

Learn and apply six key attributes for evaluating your potential successors.

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Leadership & Management Continuity

Management Synergy & Teamwork

Teamwork is not a natural behavior in business. But team dynamics can be taught.

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Business Structuring

The structure of your business impacts taxation, control, and access to cash flow.

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Business Performance

Achieve and maintain a high level of performance before succession occurs.

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Strategic Planning

Know where you want to go and how to get there to end up in the right place.

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Family Dynamics

Improve family relationships to help achieve your business goals and succession vision.

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Family Governance

Establish Family Governance processes to sustain a business through multiple generations.

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