Earning Respect in the Family Business

2022-03-24T13:26:37-05:00By |Automotive, Family Business Balance, Video|

A successful family business can provide opportunities to all who are associated with the owners or viewed as family. History has proven, the odds of family business success through multiple generations dwindles with every ownership transition. However; where many family businesses have failed, there have also been many family businesses [...]

Buying or Selling Your Dealership: 5 Things You Must Consider

2022-03-25T15:28:01-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

Dealership profits continue to soar, and dealership valuations are at record-high levels.  This is creating a surge of activity in automotive retail buy-sell.  All this activity is creating wonder around buying or selling, prompting many dealers to revisit their succession plans. Champ Rawls, a Succession Planner with The Rawls Group, and Alan Haig, President [...]

You Can Get What You Want

2022-02-10T14:54:40-06:00By |Automotive, Success Stories, Succession Blog, Succession Palooza - Celebrating Succession, Video|

Developing strategies for growth are essential to succession, especially in Century Automotive Group’s case, where four kids are interested in the business within the third generation.  As Tracy shares in our discussion, the succession process created a forum to determine: Strategic Plan for the next five years Organizational structure and [...]

The Future is in Your Hands

2022-02-25T16:52:55-06:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

We have all experienced drastic changes in the past 24 months. From a global pandemic, supply chain shortages, tenuous political environment, and insane buy-sell activity; you could feel very overwhelmed. Any one of these factors has changed the way we do business, and they have all dramatically changed the automotive retail landscape. Surprisingly enough, despite what [...]

5 Must-Know Tips For Dealing With A Troublesome Family Business

2022-01-31T13:41:40-06:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

The car business is synonymous with “family business.” Some of you work with family today. Some have a high possibility of the family entering the business in the future. Some of you are working with loyal, long-term employees that you consider family. At its best, a family business is a beautiful combination of communication [...]

Roadmap to Family and Business Success

2022-02-10T14:52:47-06:00By |Automotive, Success Stories, Succession Blog, Succession Palooza - Celebrating Succession, Video|

A family business is such a wonderful opportunity.  However, many 2nd, and 3rd generation business owners screw it up.  And as Tracy shared, she and her husband did not want to be the generation to screw it up.  With the third generation entering the business, Tracy and her husband felt [...]

Thriving for Three Generations

2022-02-10T14:56:21-06:00By |Automotive, Success Stories, Succession Blog, Succession Palooza - Celebrating Succession, Video|

Century Automotive Group is thriving across three generations. Love and commitment to nurturing family relationships have been vital ingredients for their success. From Tracy’s integration into the business as the second generation, and now the third generation actively working in the business; they live by there is no business gain [...]

Selling? First Know What Issues Are Lurking Under the Surface

2022-01-24T14:15:01-06:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

In this bizarre 2022 environment, profits and multiples are high, having many thinking it is an excellent time to cut the stress, sell and get a big payday.  As such, you may be part of the dealer community wanting to stop ruminating about the dark side of future electrification, manufacturer pressure, distorted big group [...]

Four Secrets to Family Business Holiday Success

2022-02-22T15:39:00-06:00By |Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Distribution & Logistics, Family Business Balance, Manufacturing, Multi-Unit Franchising, Professional Services, Succession Blog|

When it comes to the season of family, otherwise known as “The Holidays” it is common to experience fear and anxiety. We all want it to be like the best holiday movies, but the reality isn't a hallmark movie. There is a secret to creating a happy holiday, or season [...]


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