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There is light at the end of the tunnel. We promise.

While it may seem difficult or even impossible right now, we hope you will find encouragement and hope in some of our clients’ stories that will reassure you that your goals can be achieved.

Case Study – Unified Vision for Business Growth

2020-01-03T14:57:42-06:00By |Case Histories|

Industry: Manufacturing: large-scale screen printing for tourist industry attractions. Company Overview: Dad and Mom founded the company over forty years ago out of a single store-front tee shirt printing business in rural Central Florida.  As a first-generation business, the family persevered through many boom and bust cycles within their industry.  Dad and Mom are [...]

Automotive News – We’re built for this – How a California Dealership Group Keeps Business in the Family

2020-09-21T10:25:09-05:00By |Case Histories, Video|

“We are built for this” highlights the story of how two people with vastly different personalities and business beliefs found common ground to grow and successfully transition the business from gen 1 to gen 2. Our very own succession planners Hugh Roberts and Jeff Bannon, along with Howard and Susan Drake of the Casa [...]

Case Study – 50/50 Partnerships Impact Business Decisions

2020-01-03T15:19:59-06:00By |Case Histories|

Industry: Franchise Company Overview: First generation, multi-unit and multi-brand business across several state lines Challenge: 50/50 first generation business owners. One partner actively involved in the day to day operations, while the other has become less active, yet very much involved in overall business decisions. Second generation family members and a few “friends of the family” [...]

Case Study – Right People Drive Performance

2020-01-03T15:18:10-06:00By |Case Histories|

Industry: Franchise Company Overview: First generation, multi-unit franchise business, two partners with locations in multiple states and a diversity of brands Challenge: First generation business owners, needing to recruit and retain key employees to build leadership bench strength. The owners have always simply hired to fill positions and were experiencing continual turnover, which was not only [...]

Case Study – No prepared successor and CEO ready to retire

2013-12-03T20:37:02-06:00By |Case Histories|

Industry: Manufacturing Location: Midwest United States Company Overview: Second generation, family-owned company  Succession Matrix® Issues: Leadership & Management Continuity, Management Synergy & Teamwork, Successor Preparation, Family Governance Challenge: The owner is ready to retire, yet no successor is fully ready to take over. Two of his three children are working in the business with the inactive [...]

Case Study – Misaligned vision between Owner and Management Creating Low Business Performance

2013-12-03T20:04:33-06:00By |Case Histories|

Industry: Automotive  Location: Midwest United States  Company Overview: Family-Owned Group of Auto Dealerships  Succession Matrix® Issues: Business Performance, Management Synergy & Teamwork Challenge: While the owner’s measure of success for each store was based on net return, the store managers were solely focused on gross sales. This misalignment was causing the stores to perform below the [...]

Case Study – Strained Family Relationships Impacting Potential for Successful Succession Plan

2013-12-03T19:46:40-06:00By |Case Histories|

Industry: Automotive  Location: Northeast United States Company Overview: Family-Owned Group of Auto Dealerships  Succession Matrix® Issues: Family Dynamics, Management Synergy & Teamwork Challenge: First generation car dealer looking to pass the business on to the second generation, yet no clear successor. Environment for children full of sibling competition fueled by dad as well as fear of [...]

Case Study – Management Synergy and Teamwork’s Impact on Business Performance and Succession Goals

2013-12-03T18:33:38-06:00By |Case Histories|

Industry: Automotive  Location: Southeast United States  Company Overview: Family-Owned Group of Auto Dealerships  Succession Matrix® Issues: Business Performance, Management Synergy & Teamwork  Challenge: The General Manager of one of the dealerships was making decisions solely based on what was best for him and his store which was proving to be counterproductive to the overall interest [...]

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