Dr. Merlot

The straight talking alter ego of Loyd Rawls, Dr. Merlot blends sarcasm and truth with heart and emotion. He consults with The Rawls Group and their clients in those hard-to-hear business-succession-planning conundrums. Loyd believes truth without compassion is pure brutality; however, Dr. Merlot believes truth is truth.


Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: Update on Grip-of-the-Grape Golf Invitational

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Boy. It has been some time since my last post. I have been wrapped up interacting with clients and of course spending time with my dear, but oh too stiff friend Loyd. In fact, I was able to take a break this past Spring to actually hit the links with him. As we all know, [...]

Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: Hanging with My Friends

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As we enter into Spring, comes with it, CONVENTION SEASON for my friends at The Rawls Group. I am thankful that I do not have get involved  in any of the planning, but do enjoy participating in the "fruits of their labor.” For example, I am looking forward to some free wine and fun fellowship [...]

Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: New Year Reflections

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Another year has gone. As a I “mature” (a doctor’s way of saying, “get older”) I realize how fast time passes us by. As a kid, summers seem to last forever, school breaks during the holidays were like real “holidays” and the school weeks just seem to drag on, and on. Now I realize that [...]

Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: Finding Holiday Cheer

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As we enter the holiday season, I reflect on the past year and all the Merlot enjoyed, pontifications with friends, and memories created. I have enjoyed working through some significant client challenges, helping them right the ship out of the storm, and of course beating Loyd at golf is always a memory worth cherishing. We [...]

Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: Changing Face of Leadership

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Loyd and I have not had the opportunity to get together as much as I would like over the last several weeks. Between our work schedules and the fact that he had surgery, not once, but twice, we have not been doing our regular golfing or commiserating. It does not mean that we have not [...]

Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: Servant Leadership

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The last discussion Loyd and I had revolved around leadership style. Specifically, we discussed the impact of those that manage from a position of power versus those who manage with personal influence. Today, businesses may hire employees, but what both the business and employee wants are to be team members. Therefore, a paradigm shift is [...]

Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: Leading from a place of Position vs Personal Power

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I knew it was not going to take long for Loyd to get me back for my, ehhem, outburst the last time we spoke. How was I to know that he had the client on speaker, while golfing? Thankfully, the client did not seem offended as he ended the call with a little trash talk [...]

Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: Growth of Lifestyle Motivation for Business Growth

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After an interesting golf game with Loyd, I was left contemplating why business owners often look at reasons other than their existing or potentially enhanced lifestyle when it comes to evaluating business growth. In the case of our conversation with Jack last month, Loyd and I had the opportunity to share with him why growth [...]

Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: Motivations and Strategies for Business Growth

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Loyd and I found ourselves both with a Friday free from client travel, so we decided to meet for a round of golf. I always love an opportunity to talk some smack to Loyd about his golf game. We were rounding the turn to move to the 10th hole and ran into a friend of [...]

Dr. Merlot’s Perspective: Generational Differences Impacting Teamwork – Advice to Millennial’s and Baby Boomers

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When Loyd and I met last, we discussed Millennials and Boomers on a quick puddle jumper as best we could over the loud engines. As a refresher, over the last couple of months, Loyd and I have focused our discussions on overcoming generational differences in the workplace. In December, we discussed influences responsible for shaping [...]