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Protect your Future by Planning in the Present

2016-02-15T14:00:00-06:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Most people believe that succession planning is synonymous with estate planning; wills, trusts, estate tax, life insurance, franchisor/manufacturer approval or gifts to family members. No doubt estate planning is an important component of succession planning. However, for anyone who has struggled with family squabbles, successor development, retaining and recruiting top talent, and unreasonable strategic partners [...]

Getting Comfortable with Your Exit Strategy

2016-02-12T14:00:00-06:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Before you can get comfortable, you first need to define your exit strategy. This means being able to define what your exit will look like and the range of options are broad and include: Complete cold turkey break from operations Exiting day-to-day management but continuing to have operational final say Entrepreneur’s retirement: participate when you [...]

Identifying Successors: Family Member Versus a Key-Manager?

2015-06-08T09:52:00-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Identifying and developing successor candidates can be a challenging endeavor, especially when evaluating family member and key manager successor candidates. The difference between a family member employee and a key manager can be compared to an ongoing rivalry between 2 current NFL quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Their routes to the NFL couldn’t have [...]

How to Move Under-Performers Up or Out of Your business

2015-04-15T09:52:00-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Take stock of the employees in your company; most likely you have already mentally classified them into categories of nonperformers, underperformers, average performers, or super performers. Hopefully, you have the majority of your people in the super performer bucket, but in all likelihood, you have a mix of all four types. As the business environment [...]

Identifying Successors – Can I Have Multiple Successors?

2015-04-15T09:52:00-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

~ An Excerpt from Family Business Heartburn Relief™~ The vast majority of businesses have a designated "successor leader." However, a business can have multiple successor candidates, who can provide support to "the leader." Successor candidates include any family member or key manager who brings value to the business and is prepared to serve as a [...]

How to Handle Underperforming Family Member Employees

2015-01-20T21:29:14-06:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Family members are attracted to the family business for a number of reasons. Most of my clients are thrilled to have their offspring involved in their businesses and many have high aspirations for their children. The truth is, family members can represent a profound asset especially if they enter the business with humility, adequate training, [...]

How Many Hats are Too Many?

2015-01-07T19:38:45-06:00By |Newsletter Archive|

There are many elements that are key to a successful business and it is not a walk in the park. Most often, some of these characteristics include: A strong leader who is on top of their business Someone who is able to wear many hats and put out fires as they arise Someone who has [...]


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