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Succession Planning Techniques Often Overlooked

2014-10-02T16:10:00-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

“Is there anything you would have done different than your father regarding estate planning?”  “Yes”, replied the son. The son, now a highly successful auto dealer, was emphatic in his response.  “Dad was unwilling to do anything. He thought he would lose control.  We were lucky he died during good market conditions - our dealership [...]

How to Assemble Your Succession Planning Team?

2014-09-05T15:52:00-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Engaging in the succession planning process can be a daunting task. Being transparent, identifying current and potential issues and developing a plan for the greater good of the business and family requires substantial energy. To add further complexity to this process, getting family and key managers to mutually come together for a shared purpose can seem impossible [...]


2014-08-12T14:14:52-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Take a close look at the letters above. Now, without changing the sequence of the letters, break those twenty letters into a sentence. If business has been tough or you don't feel passion or commitment from your people, your sentence might read "Opportunity is nowhere." You might be thinking, "What have I done with that [...]

How Financial Independence Can Impact Succession Goals

2014-08-12T14:01:19-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

What is financial freedom? In the context of business succession, financial freedom means accumulating sufficient liquid resources independent of the business whereby the owner doesn’t have to rely on business profits to maintain their standard of living.  Why is attaining financial freedom so important for a business owner in a family business setting? Developing wealth [...]

Can You Be Too Optimistic for Your Own Good?

2014-07-09T13:24:53-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Can you be so optimistic that you are completely out of touch with reality? Can you believe so strongly in your own dreams and ambitions for yourself, your family, and your business that you just don’t “get it”?  Many people believe optimism is one of those touchy-feely things requiring a bridle and a bit to [...]

Family + Business = Harmony or Fireworks?

2014-07-08T16:10:31-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

A business owner recently told me, “I have one brother who is my best friend and one who I don’t talk with, all because of business and financial issues.” Tragic yes, but not uncommon. Having worked with business owners and their families for over 30 years, I have witnessed situation after situation in which the [...]

Tips for Approaching Succession Planning with Your Franchisor

2014-06-04T19:23:35-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

A few years ago I encountered a franchisee who had successfully transferred more than $2 million of business value to his children by taking advantage of available minority discounts in conjunction with depressed goodwill and depressed real estate values — a brilliant estate planning move. The only problem was that he had not received permission [...]

Tips for In-Laws in the Family Business

2014-05-12T18:11:09-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

There are many potential landmines for in-laws in a family business environment. To navigate them successfully, keep the following simple steps in mind:  Acknowledge your role as an in-law. You are “family” with a caveat. Tread carefully and treat everyone with respect.   Understand the family’s unwritten laws. Observe and strive to uphold those laws.  [...]

Building Success: Do’s and Don’ts for Leadership

2014-05-12T17:19:00-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Business success, more than just “getting by,” is an essential first step to succession planning. Success is a key ingredient to Succession. It drives momentum, culture, purpose and profits that create business value. As I work my way around the patch, I am often asked, “Swami of Succession, how do I build a level of [...]


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