Business Growth, Transition and Success

2021-11-19T15:07:23-06:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

Successful business owners know succession planning is about building strategies for today to create choice and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Owners & leaders who have invested in succession planning already have options, know what they want, and are already implementing their growth strategies. Growth is an example of transition because you [...]

Your Growth Roadmap

2021-11-19T12:40:17-06:00By |Energy, Succession Blog|

Buy-Sell activity across a diversity of industries is high, providing opportunities to owners who want to grow. Why is this so exciting for succession planners? Well, business growth is one of the core foundations for succession. Success is the heart of succession, and growth is generally needed to succeed through multiple generations.  If a [...]

Strategies to Build Value in Your Oil, Heating & Propane Business

2021-10-29T16:38:59-05:00By |Energy, Succession Blog|

The heating oil and propane gas industry is experiencing times that they have never seen. The pandemic creates an “essential” industry where workers are on the frontlines. Consolidation takes place at a record pace and finding and keeping talent is one of the most difficult areas of management from an operational perspective. A lack [...]

Oil and Energy Online: Diversification for the Next Generation

2021-11-18T12:42:01-06:00By |Energy, Succession Blog|

Oil and Energy Online recently featured Kendall Rawls in “Diversification for the Next Generation” alongside Steve Abbate with Cetane Associates and Aimee (LaBrake) Allen with Degree Days Consulting. Like many other industries, retail heating oil and propane gas marketers are experiencing rapid change.  Consolidation, political, and environmental pressures, as well as “what employees want” [...]

Succession Podcast: Where Are All of the Leaders

2021-10-27T11:31:15-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog, Succession Podcast|

Jeff Bannon a Partner of The Rawls Group and Aicha Bascaro, President of American Franchise Academy discuss leadership – keys for developing people, attracting top talent, and creating opportunities within your franchise organization for growth. Many franchisees dream of going from owning one unit to becoming multi-unit business owners and building [...] “Tomorrow’s Legacy Today: The Importance of Succession Planning”

2021-10-22T14:49:48-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog| recently featured Kendall Rawls in "Tomorrow's Legacy Today: The Importance of Succession Planning” Helen Bond, the author, shared succession planning insights from multi-unit franchisees across the country spanning a variety of brands including: Paul M. Booth Jr., President of Cincinnati-based Concentric Brands, a McDonalds Franchisee: Terry Kurth, a Weed Man franchisee, Nick Marco, [...]

Acquisition and Business Succession: Why You Must Have a Growth Mindset

2021-11-02T18:15:10-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Succession Blog, Succession Palooza, Succession Video Discussions|

Business Growth is one of the core foundations for succession planning. Although it is assumed succession planning is only about exiting or retiring from the business, it is in reality planning that provides solutions to overcome the possible, probable, and potential issues that impact your vision. We celebrate succession planning [...]

Taking Action and Creating Control

2021-10-07T12:25:47-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog, Succession Matrix-10 Point Perspective|

Expressed wants and needs of employees, family, strategic partners, and customers can feel like a constant push and pull environment as a business owner.  Add in external influences such as the pandemic, the political climate, supply chain, and finding workers; our environment is constantly changing, which requires strong leadership with a strategic mindset. Strong [...]


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