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Didn’t Want to Screw It Up

2022-08-03T05:26:52-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog, Succession Success Stories, Video|

Successfully integrated family into business leadership while balancing family dynamics is full of complexities. As Joe Chastang shares, many private and family business owners screw it up. Thanksgiving and Christmas come around every year, and the business provides for 100+ employees. Mis-matched expectations, communication differences, and management styles can create [...]

Evolve with Change

2022-08-02T19:10:26-05:00By |Energy, Succession Blog|

The only thing that we can rely on to be constant is change. The political environment is forcing rapid change, as we’ve never seen before. Technology continues to evolve, forcing us to embrace it or simply get left behind. Demographics are changing with a record number of Boomers who are set to retire in [...]

Make Change an Asset

2022-07-28T09:43:29-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

We fantasize about the day we start our own business or make our first million. Maintaining success is the ultimate objective that many entrepreneurs fail to consider. But achieving success is only half the battle; sustaining success is the challenge because the only constant is change. We are dealing with continual flux now more [...]

Moving From Average to Extra-Ordinary

2022-07-25T12:40:42-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

The definition of discipline is “an exercise that develops or improves a skill or habit.” It is the missing ingredient in building the personal and organizational “muscle(s)” that leads to exceptional performance. Most of us who recognize the value in building those muscles are sometimes reluctant to make the effort, either because we don’t want [...]

Strategies for Successful Partnerships

2022-07-12T08:46:30-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

Franchising gives access to owning your own business, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit are attracted to the business model. Friends, spouses, siblings, parents, or other extended family join into partnerships to fulfill their business dreams. Partnerships are common and can feel supportive until a slight disagreement turns into a big problem for the [...]


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