Earning Respect in the Family Business

2022-03-24T13:26:37-05:00By |Automotive, Family Business Balance, Video|

A successful family business can provide opportunities to all who are associated with the owners or viewed as family. History has proven, the odds of family business success through multiple generations dwindles with every ownership transition. However; where many family businesses have failed, there have also been many family businesses [...]

Duplication: Key to Creating Your Growth Playbook

2022-04-20T08:37:29-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

Successful business leaders know how succession planning develops strategies to fulfill their long-term business vision, which includes business growth. Scaling your business from 5 to 10 units to 100 plus is a transitional process, which requires strong leadership, inspiring culture, talent, and vision. Profitable growth depends upon talent and teamwork as well as rock-solid [...]

People: Essential to Your Growth Infrastructure

2022-04-20T08:39:09-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

Entrepreneurs are inherently drawn to franchising. Diversity of brands, the backing of known names in the marketplace like Wendy’s, Subway, and ACE, and support systems provided by the Franchisors. However, if you want to grow from a nice job of owning 1 or 2 units to building a business and owning 100+ it takes [...]

Strategies Evolve as the Business & Family Evolves

2022-04-08T14:00:25-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Success Stories, Succession Blog, Succession Palooza - Celebrating Succession, Video|

Roland Spongberg became interested in succession planning after a car dealer friend shared difficulties he was experiencing with his siblings. With no desire to cash out, and a father of six kids, with some working in the business and some not, Roland began thinking about the future and opportunities he [...]

Buying or Selling Your Dealership: 5 Things You Must Consider

2022-05-31T10:31:38-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

Dealership profits continue to soar, and dealership valuations are at record-high levels.  This is creating a surge of activity in automotive retail buy-sell.  All this activity is creating wonder around buying or selling, prompting many dealers to revisit their succession plans. Champ Rawls, a Succession Planner with The Rawls Group, and Alan Haig, President [...]

Doing Your Best When You Aren’t Feeling It

2022-03-22T14:36:26-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Manufacturing, Succession Blog, Video, Women In Leadership: Your Tribe|

Our best one day may be different from another. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, dreary weather or processing grief in some way impacts how we show up for ourselves and others. We all come short of our goals sometimes. Disappointment and feeling unmotivated as a result [...]

3 Tips to Transform Frustrating Partnerships

2022-02-16T12:48:03-06:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

Multi-unit franchising provides the opportunity to build something, be your own boss, and generate opportunities for others.  As you design your business strategy, recruit your team, create your culture and string one success after another, it becomes easy to reflect on those who help build your business as family.  Families are diverse; they come [...]

You Can Get What You Want

2022-02-10T14:54:40-06:00By |Automotive, Success Stories, Succession Blog, Succession Palooza - Celebrating Succession, Video|

Developing strategies for growth are essential to succession, especially in Century Automotive Group’s case, where four kids are interested in the business within the third generation.  As Tracy shares in our discussion, the succession process created a forum to determine: Strategic Plan for the next five years Organizational structure and [...]

The Future is in Your Hands

2022-02-25T16:52:55-06:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

We have all experienced drastic changes in the past 24 months. From a global pandemic, supply chain shortages, tenuous political environment, and insane buy-sell activity; you could feel very overwhelmed. Any one of these factors has changed the way we do business, and they have all dramatically changed the automotive retail landscape. Surprisingly enough, despite what [...]


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