No one can predict the future, but as a business owner, you can manage uncertainties by strategically thinking through the possible, probable, and potential issues impacting your long-term goals. This is where succession planning comes in.

A succession plan provides a roadmap outlining growth strategies, contingency plans, governance guidelines, leadership transitions, and strategic plans. A well-executed succession plan can help a business maintain stability during difficult times and be a significant selling point when wanting to invest in new brands, looking for potential investors, or looking to sell the business to a third party.

Creditors, investors, potential buyers, or next-generation leaders will value the business based on the stability, the company’s intangible value, like the essential leadership and management involved, and family influences.

  1. Stability

When the ownership, leadership, and management know who will take over, it gives stakeholders confidence in the business’s ongoing success. Additionally, a well-planned transition can help avoid employee conflict and confusion and minimize any red tape that could impact the business’s operation.

  1. Intangible Value

When potential buyers, investors, and franchisors see you have succession strategies established, they are more likely to invest in you because they know the business is stable and has a promising future. Additionally, a succession plan can help attract top talent to a company as top talent is drawn to strong leadership, opportunity, and stability towards an enriched future.

  1. Leadership and Management

People are the backbone of any successful multi-unit franchisee business. A well-thought-out succession plan will ensure that the right people are in place to lead, manage, and operate the company.

  1. Contributing Family Dynamics

Lack of formalities generally results in enablement, inconsistent policies, nepotism, and toxic family/business interactions. People aren’t willing to work in toxic environments or have inconsistent accountability; they want more for their future. Without good talent, the business will suffer, impacting business value and your options for the future.

Successful multi-unit franchisees know succession planning creates growth strategies allowing them to diversify and develop a team to achieve their business vision.

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Strategic Planning

The only constant one can plan for is change.  Strategic planning positions the business to address the probable, possible, and potential contingencies impacting business success. 

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We can help you with insights, other resources, and see if it makes sense to work together. At the very least, in 30 minutes, you may get some ideas you can apply to your business right away.