Developing a strong and successful company culture requires defining and communicating a mission, vision, and core values. To create an “Organizational Playbook,” these elements must be integrated into organizational policies, procedures, and onboarding processes. It’s important to understand that an Organizational Playbook goes beyond a casual use of the term and is a significant and meaningful guide to the behaviors, attitudes, skills, knowledge, and experience that contribute to a company’s power, strength, and resilience. To ensure that the playbook is adopted and embraced by all members of the organization, a clear process must be in place that communicates it as the ultimate guide for the culture.

To establish a thriving company culture program, it’s crucial to transform the guidelines outlined in a playbook into Organizational Covenants that all members of the organization can stand behind. These covenants must be advocated for and implemented by every individual in the organization and act as the compass for all of the company’s endeavors. This approach ensures that everyone is collaborating towards a common set of objectives and principles.

Achieving these Organizational Covenants demands significant devotion, diligence, and dedication, yet the outcome is worthwhile for establishing a lasting competitive edge. By establishing a business grounded in steadfast commitment to Organizational Covenants and exemplifying desirable cultural behavior, you can tap into the power of a company ideology. Additionally, to fully capitalize on this potential, your enterprise must strive for a higher purpose beyond mere profitability – it should aim to make a positive impact on society. To accomplish this, consider launching a “Company Name Believer” initiative to cultivate a community of believers and disseminate the cultural guide as an Organizational Playbook.

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The article was originally published on Why an ‘Organizational Playbook’ Should be More Than a Casual Covenant

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