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dan-schneider-the-rawls-group-family-business-succession-plannerDan Schneider


Succession Advisor
Des Moines, IA

Articles by Dan

Dan Schneider specializes in working with families and organizations to design, build, and implement emotional and logical relationship systems and processes that increase human and financial capital and stakeholder value.

Since 1996, Dan Schneider has been involved in business start-ups, business cultural development, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, and community development. He has served as Vice-president of Development, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Vice President of firms in the manufacturing, technology, financial, and advertising industries. Dan Schneider’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Ambrose University; a Master of Arts degree in Legal Studies from Antioch School of Law; and a Certified NLP Business Practitioner from the Quadrant 1 Group in London, England. He is a former Chairman of the Board of Governors for Leadership Iowa, a statewide leadership program sponsored by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.

In addition to his role as Managing Partner in EDGE Cultural Architects, Dan is a Partner and Director of The Rawls Group as well as a founding member of the International Succession Planning Association. Dan frequently speaks before local, state, and national organizations about leadership and change.


Episode 11: What is one key thing to start doing to recruit AND retain key talent?

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Human beings change, however human nature remains constant. One key thing an organization can start doing immediately is to ensure they have defined development opportunities in place for their people. This includes having strong practices and processes in place to ensure key talent has the tools and support needed to [...]

Episode 10: What recommendations do you have for organizations to recruit and retain key talent?

By |

One thing organizations can do to recruit and retain key talent is to ensure there are defined career paths for each position in the organization. People want to know what the growth path looks like for not only their position, but other positions within the organization. People who may wish [...]

Episode 9: Do employees leave the organization or their boss?

By |

Leadership behaviors influence the employees perception of the organization. Ensuring leaders of the business key four core attributes in place is critical to ensuring employees have a positive perception. In addition to leadership attributes, employees need to feel as if they have an authentic relationship with their supervisor or manager. [...]

Episode 8: When unemployment is low, what is the impact to organizations ability to retain talent?

By |

When unemployment rates are low it, competition for great talent intensifies.  A barometer to keep in mind is that if people are leaving withing 3-5 years, it shows the potential lack of development options. If people are leaving after the 5-year mark, it is usually due to leadership or organizational [...]

Episode 7: Should organizations intentionally review their talent?

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Organizations who create teams that win, stay relevant and competitive. Creating winning teams means intentionally reviewing your key talent consistently and often. Develop your teams to have depth, and ensure you have succession strategies in place to replace those roles where people have moved onto other areas of the organization, [...]

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