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dan-schneider-the-rawls-group-family-business-succession-plannerDan Schneider


Succession Advisor
Articles by Dan

Dan Schneider specializes is working with families and organizations to design, build, and implement emotional and logical relationship systems and processes in order to increase human and financial capital and stakeholder value.

Dan’s experience includes business start-ups, business cultural development, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, and community development. He has served as Vice-president of Development, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Vice President of firms in the manufacturing, technology, financial, and advertising industries. Dan’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts from St. Ambrose University; a Master of Arts in Legal Studies from Antioch School of Law; and a Certified NLP Business Practitioner from the Quadrant 1 Group in London, England. He is a former Chairman of the Board of Governors for Leadership Iowa, a statewide leadership program sponsored by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.

Dan is a Partner with The Rawls Group, and a founding member of the International Succession Planning Association®. Dan frequently speaks before local, state, and national organizations about leadership and change.


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