An owner’s perspective about the purpose and who the business serves directly impacts culture, ability to recruit and retain good people, and drive performance.

All of which influences customer perceptions, revenue, and profits.

Often, if there is no actual “family” working in the business, dealers do not intuitively view themselves as a family business owner.

This misperception can and does have an impact on overall business success, sustainability, and value.

It is important, as a dealer, to understand the purpose of your business and what you hope to achieve, long-term.

Is the purpose of your business to serve you and your ambitions?

Or is the purpose of the business to serve and provide opportunity to your community?

Is it a mix of both?

If the mission and vision of your business includes serving those around you, then it is important to begin thinking like a family business owner.

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Successor Preparation

NextGen leaders can feel like they are stuck between and rock and a hard spot.  Working to fulfill expectations of leadership as well as making their mark on the organization to earn respect.  Click the following links for more drill-down resources on Successor Preparation.

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