Apathy, skepticism and disgust are sentiments shared by millions of Americans as a result of the greed and selfishness pervading our society today. For some, it is definitely all about the money even if generating business profits is at the expense of others. Others see money and profitability as a measuring stick/scorecard of how well they are leading and operating their businesses or how many lives they are impacting through their businesses. So I ask, which category do you find yourself in?

The answer to this question could have an impact on the long term success of your business. As a business owner, your perspective and priorities shape and reflect the culture of your business. Do you share profits of the company with the employees in the good years or do you utilize the company as a personal checkbook and strip the profitability of the company each year? Facts are stranger than fiction. A few years ago, I met the owner of a company who was in the midst of right sizing his company to survive deteriorating business conditions. However, while he was laying off employees and minimizing expenses, he purchased a luxury sports car using precious working capital of the business and then proceeded to drive the car  to work every day. How do you think that went over with his managers and employees? How do you think this foolish decision impacted company morale and the culture of the business? 

I encourage you to think of each of your employees as personal ambassadors of your company, which is a direct extension of who you are. Ultimately business is about people, and the impact you make on them will undoubtedly have a direct impact upon your business.

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