About the Experts:

Aicha Bascaro, Founder and CEO of the American Franchise Academy, an organization focused in the development of successful franchise leaders and owners. Aicha is a 30 year veteran in the Franchise industry having operated franchise units for organizations like Domino’s, Popeyes, Olive Garden and Pretzelmaker.

Jeff Bannon ,a Partner with The Rawls Group brings with him several years of succession planning experience along with his first-hand knowledge of family business dynamics.

Leadership and Management Continuity and Management Synergy and Teamwork

Recruiting and retaining top talent is an issue most business owners struggle to get right. Finding top talent requires a purposeful approach to identify the right person for your role and culture.  Most people hire fast to fill a role, with out evaluating if they have the Behavior, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge, Experience and Talent to fulfill expectations and  support the organizational culture. Bench strength is critical to growth and sustainability of the business.  Click the following link for more drill down resources on  Leadership  &  Management Continuity  and  Management Synergy  &  Teamwork.

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