It all began in 1973 with the realization that business succession planning went well beyond financial documents and planning for the transfer of wealth. Since then, The Rawls Group has not only helped over 500 family and privately owned businesses across the nation, but has also put our theories to practice by becoming a family business with all three of Loyd’s children now working for the company.


The Full Story:

Loyd Rawls, the founder of The Rawls Group, identified early on in his career that business owners were not dealing with key issues impacting their business for fear of alienating family members or causing rifts in business partnerships. Since then, Loyd and his partners have developed a process , comprehensive approach  and diverse team  of professionals to guide business owners through the tough topics impacting their long term business goals.

With a single focus on succession planning, The Rawls Group has the expertise to zero in and facilitate issues that impact the ongoing success of your business such as:

  • Ending sibling rivalries and family feuds
  • Complex estate planning dynamics – equitable vs. equal
  • Keeping key managers motivated and around for the long haul
  • Helping family members and managers put their differences aside to become a team
  • Evaluating who can, and more importantly who is willing to, take over the reins
  • Bringing family members on board without causing chaos
  • Vision alignment with family, partners and key managers
  • Developing leaders who will continue the family legacy
  • Growing the business strategically to maximize profits without overextending resources

Over the past 40 years, our team has grown to include offices in Orlando, FL, Los Angeles, CA, Des Moines, IA and Atlanta, GA with professional backgrounds ranging from organizational psychology and family therapy to estate planning. We excel in capital intensive complex business and family environments with industry specialties in:

Our goal has been and continues to be to impact lives and perpetuate legacies.

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