Multi-Unit & Brand Franchise Strategies

Multi-Unit & Brand Franchise Strategies2024-01-29T16:22:41-06:00

Welcome to the Fascinating World of Multi-Unit Franchise and Multi-Brand Ownership!

In this comprehensive video series, Jeff Bannon and Greg Sisa, our succession planners, and Nate Riordan, founder of West Coast Franchise Law, dive deep into the complexities of multi-unit and multi-brand franchise ownership.

This series is a goldmine for multi-unit franchisees, family business owners, and anyone interested in learning more about effective succession planning. Here’s what you can expect from each video:

    1. Crafting a Winning Path in Multi-Brand Franchise Ownership

      Scott and Dan focus on the six reasons your dealership needs a valuation. Discover how a comprehensive valuation can help you make informed decisions, assess your business’s worth, and identify improvement areas.

    2. Mastering Multi-Brand Franchising: Innovative Ownership & Management Strategies

      Timing and dating valuations for car dealers are critical considerations, and in this episode, Dan and Scott reveal the most important factors to remember. Learn how to optimize the timing of your valuations to maximize their effectiveness and relevance.

    3. Generational Shifts: Navigating Realities in Multi-Brand Franchise Succession

      This episode explores how car dealers can leverage valuations for strategic growth. Uncover the numerous ways valuations can serve as powerful tools for identifying growth opportunities, optimizing operations, and staying ahead of the competition.

    4. Safeguarding Business Value: Strategic Lease Management for Franchisees

      Delving into the core of dealership value, this episode uncovers the key drivers that impact car dealership value. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to the overall worth of your business, enabling you to make strategic decisions that enhance its value.

    5. Business Structuring Secrets: Optimizing Flexibility and Value

      Negotiating partner disputes can be challenging, but this episode offers valuable insights and strategies for smooth buy/sell negotiations. Discover the fundamental principles and techniques to help you achieve dispute-free partner negotiations, ensuring a win-win outcome for all parties involved.

    6. Efficient Estate Management: Tools and Nuances for Franchise Owners

      This episode provides five essential tips for car dealers looking to negotiate stock purchases with key leaders. Learn how to navigate this complex process effectively, ensuring fair and mutually beneficial transactions with key leaders in your organization.

    7. Navigating Trusts in Franchise Ownership: Expert Insights and Strategies

      Business disputes among business partners can have severe consequences, but this episode offers expert guidance on preventing such disputes. Discover practical techniques and strategies to foster a harmonious, conflict-free business environment, promoting long-term success.

    8. Navigating Franchise Approval: Control and Flexibility for Growth & Succession Strategies

      This episode focuses on car dealers’ unique challenges in resolving family and business disputes. Gain valuable insights and actionable advice on navigating these complex situations and ensuring the preservation of your family and business.

    Unlock expert insights that have the power to transform your business strategies. Don’t miss out!

Complex Franchise Management, Growth & Succession Strategies

Navigating Trust Approval in Multi-Brand Franchisee Succession

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Join us for a crucial discussion as Nate Riordan, the founder of West Coast Franchise Law, teams up with seasoned succession planners Jeff Bannon and Greg Sisa from The Rawls Group. Together, they delve into the essential aspects of coordinated planning in multi-brand franchisee businesses, family enterprises, and succession strategies. [...]

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