Join us for a candid and insightful conversation featuring Jeff Bannon and Greg Sisa, seasoned succession planners from The Rawls Group, and Nate Riordan, the visionary founder of West Coast Franchise Law. In this discussion, they address a critical issue faced by countless franchisees: finding a qualified next-generation successor.

Facing Realities and Challenges:

Explore the prevalent misconceptions and challenges that plague family businesses and multi-brand franchisees when passing the torch to the next generation. Gain valuable insights into overcoming these obstacles and ensuring a seamless transition.

Defining Roles and Expectations:

Dive deep into the pivotal conversation about establishing clear roles and expectations for the incoming generation. Uncover the differences between building a business from the ground up and managing an established portfolio, and learn how to bridge the gap effectively.

Franchisor Approval:

Understand the vital role of franchisor approval in the succession process. Discover how the franchisor’s criteria act as the ultimate litmus test for a successful transfer of ownership. Gain expert insights into meeting these criteria and ensuring a smooth handover.

Complexities of Business Evolution:

Acknowledge the evolving complexities of modern business management in comparison to previous generations. Explore the intricacies of overseeing larger, multifaceted operations and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the market. Learn to navigate these complexities effectively.

Transitioning Successfully:

Uncover practical strategies to facilitate a seamless transition of ownership. Delve into the importance of stewardship, collaborative management, and nurturing the capabilities of the next generation. Gain actionable tips for ensuring a successful and sustainable transfer of your business legacy.

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Successor Preparation

NextGen leaders can feel like they are stuck between and rock and a hard spot.  Working to fulfill expectations of leadership as well as making their mark on the organization to earn respect.  Click the following links for more drill-down resources on Successor Preparation.

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