In our experience, business owners like to stay in control, in control of their business, real estate, and future.  So, when we talk about giving something away, we generally get pushback from our clients.   Ultimately, the goal from a tax perspective; is to keep as much of the wealth and equity within the family and minimize what Uncle Sam takes.  There are mechanisms available if you are an S-Corp or LLC that allow you to transfer just about all of the equity without giving up control.

Listen in as Jeff Bannon, a Succession Planner with The Rawls Group, and Kevin Gilbreath, a Tax Partner with Crowe, discuss various strategies that will allow you to remain captain of your ship while removing the value from your estate.

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Personal Financial Planning

Estate planning is a complex endeavor, especially for owners of capital-intensive complex business’. Throw active and inactive family into the mix and trying to figure out what is fair, how to provide opportunities for the next generation without enabling them, and maintain family harmony.

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In complex family and business environments, it is imperative to lean on expert legal and tax advice who specialize in the same size business and estate as you.  We are not attorneys or CPAs but know experienced advisers if you are looking for sophisticated advisory services.

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