When we think about our organization and what keeps it strong and, if done right, provides plenty of bragging rights, it points right to our people. People are our biggest asset, and developing them, so they are loyal, dedicated, engaged, and all the other adjectives we use to describe the best of the best is what we call developing your organization’s bench strength.

In “Bench Strength: How to Develop Your Bench and Make Changes to Your Roster,” Dan Iosue points out it is important to recognize, each individual in your organization has different motivations, backgrounds, behaviors, and differing levels of potential.

Diversity of people means you have to know what makes each of your key leaders and those showing high potential tick. For example, high performing talent and those who are well-positioned to be our “bench strength” are those who are looking to you for:

  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Autonomy
  • Feedback

Are you are providing these “things” to your people, and in a way that is meaningful to them?

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Management Synergy and Teamwork

Management’s capacity to work together and unite towards a common purpose, vision, and goals impacts an organization’s resources. Teamwork is not a natural behavior, but it can be taught and can result in a high-performing culture.

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