What is normal? A great question to ponder as in the business world change is always around the corner. Perhaps not at the level of a global pandemic, but change is something necessary to navigate all the time. When something like a crisis hits one thing is for sure, there are internal AND external factors business owners and leaders need to recognize. In addition, we have to be looking for learning opportunities of how we can make our culture more crisis-proof and flexible. From remote work to new operational policies, to the adoption of new technologies, there is a lot to take advantage of. We are in one of the best times in history to look at our corporate culture and identify what shifts and updates make sense to happen.

Thank you to Daniel Harris a Partner with Shuffield Lowman, Jon Paul Davis a Partner with HHM, and our very own succession planners, Champ Rawls and Dan Iosue, for sharing your expert insight.

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  • Adjusting to the new normal for industries that rely on customer interactions
  • Messaging for business owners/leaders to share with their people in times of crisis
  • Navigating the path when some family want to work in the business & others pursue other careers
  • Addressing uncomfortable subjects that are more difficult during the crisis as opposed to normal times
  • Strategies for helping a son and daughter to learn how to work together
  • Navigating business transitions when the next-gen is not interested in the family business
  • Proactive strategies to position the business for the “unknown”
  • Communication tactics ease employee’s anxiety and worry
  • Managing emotions of others and self in times of stress
  • Strategies to increase sales to cover costs and create more points of revenue

Leadership Management & Continuity

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