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How to Future Proof Your Oil, Gas and Energy Business

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Propane marketers, oil, gas, and "energy" business owners manage daily changes affecting their business's short and long-term goals. While there's no way to control what goes on in the world, there is a way to plan and keep your business stable despite family, political, economic, or business challenges. Doug Woosnam, a Consultant with Cetane [...]

Balancing Seasonal and Political Uncertainties in the Energy Business

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Seasonality, inflation, politics, people, and technology are a few headwinds impacting fuel dealers, wholesalers, and service contractors in the energy space.  We are often asked, "How can we create predictable revenues in an industry influenced by so many outside "threats?" In this episode, Doug Woosnam, a Consultant with Cetane Associates, [...]

How Successful Fuel and Oil Business Owners Protect and Build Business Value

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Many business owners lean on the DIY approach to strategic planning, integrating family into the business, succession planning, and positioning their business for sale on the open market.  Where entrepreneurs are sharp in many ways, without outside help, they often suffer from being able to see the trees from the [...]

Political Pressures: How Fuel and Oil Business Owners Can Protect Their Business

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Political and social pressures continue to impact propane and oil business owners.  In this episode, Champ Rawls, a succession planner with The Rawls Group, Marty Kirshner, Partner with Gray, Gray & Gray, Doug Woosnam, a Consultant with Cetane Associates, and The Rawls Group's succession planner Clayton  Latiolais discuss how to [...]

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