In my last two posts, Likability or Accountability: Leadership and The Right People- I discussed the idea that there are several businesses I’m currently working with that are performing and several that are not. The difference between the two is that they either have a culture of likability or a culture of accountability.  The immediate differences between the two suggested differences in leadership, people, and focus on results.

Having the right people on the bus resolves a lot of problems. But it does not inherently produce results. It is however, the pathway to a focus on results. The natural outgrowth of having the right people is that they are self-starters, initiators. In essence they are disciplined people.  Disciplined people almost naturally have a tendency to really think through things. They establish vision, set goals, develop strategy, and implement action steps. They understand that to go from the first floor to the second floor they must build the steps to get there.

To simplify, the right leaders influence the right people to engage in strategic thinking and planning toward accomplishing the vision, purpose, or task at hand. They, then, go beyond strategic thinking and planning to developing and implementing the specific action steps required to bring the plan to fruition. Finally, they hold themselves (remember they are self-disciplined) accountable to accomplishing the action steps and fulfilling the vision.

So, how focused on results are you and your team? What is your vision? What is it you are trying to accomplish? What are your goals? What is your strategy for bringing the vision to reality? What are the specific action steps you are now taking to accomplish your goals? What are the resources you need to accomplish the steps? Are you holding yourselves and each other accountable?

If you think accountability is a dirty word, you will never achieve your objectives. In fact, you may never even define your objectives. If you love where you work is it because you have found a great place to hang out with neat people, and not work? Do you have a culture of accountability or a culture of likeability?

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