Dive deep into the intricate world of multi-brand franchise ownership with seasoned experts Jeff Bannon and Greg Sisa from The Rawls Group, alongside Nate Riordan, founder of West Coast Franchise Law. If you’re a multi-unit franchisee navigating the industry’s complexities, this discussion is tailor-made for you. Join us as these experts share invaluable strategies and insights to empower your journey in multi-unit and multi-brand franchising.  Key Insights Discussed:

Navigating Franchisor Requirements:

Explore the challenges faced by franchisees dealing with diverse franchisor requirements. Jeff, Greg, and Nate dissect topics like refinancing and ownership transfers, offering practical solutions to navigate these hurdles effectively.

Strategic Decision-Making:

Gain a deeper understanding of strategic decision-making in multi-unit franchise ownership. Learn why having a well-thought-out plan is crucial, especially when considering new opportunities. Discover how a strategic approach can enhance your franchise portfolio and overall business success.

Ownership Structuring Complexity:

Delve into the complexities of ownership structuring, especially within family-owned businesses. Jeff, Nate, and Greg shed light on scenarios where ownership division among family members can become intricate. Learn the importance of clear business structuring to prevent complications during ownership transfers and transitions.

Financial Considerations & Banking Strategies:

Acquire valuable insights into the financial aspects of managing multiple franchise brands. Understand the necessity of creating separate entities for each brand and its impact on banking options and cash flow management. Learn how a well-organized financial structure can optimize your franchise investments.

Business Structuring and Voting Shares:

Explore the nuances of business structuring, emphasizing the importance of clear distinctions between voting and non-voting shares for each entity. Jeff, Greg, and Nate explain how this clarity allows business owners to allocate interests effectively without compromising decision-making authority.

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The Succession Planning Matrix

Many people put off succession planning because they think it means retirement, exit, and the end. However; succession planning is just the beginning. It gives the owner options in terms of what “their next” looks like, whether that be growth, philanthropy, or a new business venture. Our process focuses are addressing 10 key areas of what we call the Succession Matrix.family-business-succession-planning

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