Recently I had the privilege of attending a business Hall of Fame induction ceremony in the Midwest for one of my clients and several other business owners and leaders in his community. While each of the inductees had diverse business experiences and backgrounds, they shared several common traits which include: developing and articulating their vision, passion, humility, supportive families, winning attitude, innovative, surrounded themselves with the right people and promoted teamwork. These individuals knew where they wanted to go and were relentless in their pursuit to achieve excellence in their business and also giving back to their community. After hearing each of the individuals speak, it was apparent to me that the common traits listed above could be a recipe for success in your business as well.

There is no question that sacrifices and compromises are also part of the recipe. After all, success is based upon the failures we learn from, wouldn’t you agree? It is common for business owners to be so focused on achieving the business mission that they neglect the important things in life such as their marriage, family and friends. Business success at the expense of family can be devastating. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this on countless occasions. Maintaining a healthy balance between business and family is not easy but it is imperative! How well are you balancing the demands of your business with the demands of your family? As you ponder this question, I encourage you to jot down a few notes of things you can do differently in the future to ensure you are able to achieve and maintain balance. 

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