Succession Planning Success Stories

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Real Client Succession Planning Experiences

Join us on an enlightening journey as we unveil real-life case studies demonstrating the profound impact of The Rawls Group’s expertise and proven succession process on the lives of our clients. Prepare to be inspired by their stories of challenges conquered, and triumphs celebrated while navigating the intricate landscape of family dynamics, employee and customer expectations, and ever-evolving competition.

Throughout this series, you’ll gain profound insights into the essential components of a successful family business succession plan. From fostering effective communication and adept conflict resolution to nurturing strategic leadership development and sound strategic planning,  this video series underscores the significance of long-term planning and proactive decision-making when safeguarding the legacy of a family business. With thoughtful succession planning, families can bridge generational divides, nurture cohesion, and create a lasting impact that transcends the boundaries of their enterprises.

Whether you’re a family business owner seeking inspiration and guidance for your succession journey or a professional advisor aiming to bolster your expertise in this specialized field, this video series is a treasure trove of invaluable insights. Learn how practical strategies have positively transformed the lives of families, employees, and communities associated with these family businesses.

Succession Planning Stories

Houston Ford Dealer Reveals the Crucial Need for Succession Planning

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Successfully integrating family into business leadership while balancing family dynamics is full of complexities. As Joe Chastang shares, many private and family business owners screw it up. Thanksgiving and Christmas come around every year, and the business provides for 100+ employees. Mis-matched expectations, communication differences, and management styles can create [...]

Importance Of Establishing Family Governance Policies for Auto Dealership Succession

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As Joe shares, it isn't fair to the business's employees for an owner to be lazy and not invest in the future success and sustainability of the company. Therefore, business succession planning isn't just about protecting profits and transfer of ownership; it is also about positioning the business for continued [...]

How Succession Planning Fuels Focused Leadership and Drives Strategic Objectives

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High-performance cultures require discipline. Formalities, efficient processes, and strategies that reward teamwork and achieving goals motivate and inspire employees to go the extra mile. As Joe shares, the succession planning process helped his leadership team focus on priorities which has resulted in managing their company, employees, and family-business dynamics. Because [...]

The Surprising Benefit of Succession Planning – Enhancing Interactions for Lasting Success

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Familial communication patterns can create stress in the business environment. Assumptions, stereotypes, and emotional baggage often cloud judgment, reactions, listening, and getting to know someone as an adult versus just a sibling or child. Many believe a Will, Trusts, and business agreements are the crux of succession planning; however, as [...]


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