Succession Planning for Dealerships

As succession planners, we are experts in the complex. And, owning a dealership(s) is nothing short of a complex high stakes environment – managing manufacturer relationships, adjusting to  changing industry norms and developing your next generation of leaders all while considering family and partner feelings.

The number one thing people notice when they engage our services is clarity and a strong path forward. Whether you are looking to grow your business and/or looking towards business transition, for the past 45+ years our meticulous attention to the probable, possible, potential details allow you to prepare and avoid any looming issue impacting your goals.

What happens when you decide to takes the next step towards the future you imagine…now? Business ownership by nature is risky; succession planning however creates strategies and structure to put you in control.

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Competing with the Big Players: Professionalizing Family-Owned Auto Dealerships

2024-01-12T11:55:55-06:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

The Importance of Professionalism in Family-Owned Auto Dealerships In the current corporate landscape, family-owned enterprises are facing challenges as they vie for success against bigger conglomerates and nationally recognized brands. In the automotive industry, where consolidation is prevalent, family-owned dealerships are under significant strain to keep pace with their larger counterparts and stay relevant. [...]

On the Fast Track: Automotive Valuations and Succession Strategies

2024-01-12T13:17:44-06:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

In the fast-paced automotive industry, strategic succession planning plays a pivotal role in the long-term success of family-owned car dealerships. The following outlines five key aspects of valuations and provides practical tips for effective automotive succession planning. 1. Maximizing Business Value Through Succession Planning Family-owned car dealerships must prioritize succession planning to enhance business [...]

Roadblocks to Green Lights: Tackling 5 Biggest Hurdles for Family-Owned Car Dealerships

2023-12-14T09:28:10-06:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

In the fast-paced realm of the automotive industry, turning obstacles into green lights is the key to securing the future of your family-owned dealership—it's no cakewalk, more like a thrilling rollercoaster ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. Strategic succession planning is the name of the game, and as a savvy car dealer, mastering [...]

Striking a Balance: Family and Business Harmony in Succession Planning

2023-11-29T10:08:48-06:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

"That was my dream - to have my kids join me in the family business, but now it feels more like a nightmare!" This sentiment is all too common among business owners who want to build a family business legacy through succession planning. Why does it work well for some families but not [...]

Family Business Valuation and Succession Planning: Understanding Key Triggers and Timing

2023-09-29T15:11:24-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Succession Blog, Video|

Family businesses are not just about the present; they are about securing a legacy for the future. To achieve this, family business owners must navigate the intricate process of succession planning while also assessing the strategic growth and overall value of their businesses. In this article, we will explore the critical aspects of family [...]

Navigating Valuations and Succession Planning for Car Dealers

2024-01-12T12:30:14-06:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Succession Blog, Valuations & Succession Planning for Car Dealers, Video|

In the dynamic world of automotive dealerships, one constant remains, which is change. Whether you're a seasoned dealership owner or a key player in the automotive industry, understanding the pivotal events that trigger valuations is essential for informed decision-making and the continued success of your family business. In this video, [...]

Developing Talent & Making a Lasting Impact: Strategies for Minority Car Dealers

2023-10-04T11:39:24-05:00By |Automotive, National Association of Minority Auto Dealers, Succession Blog, Video|

Minority auto dealers face unique challenges when building wealth and planning for the future. With a rapidly changing industry, it's crucial to have a solid growth and succession strategy to ensure financial sustainability. From identifying talented individuals within the organization to expanding investment portfolios, there is an array of strategies [...]

Strategies for Effective Partner Negotiations in Family-Owned Car Dealerships

2023-10-05T14:47:42-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

In the complex world of the car business, successful partner negotiations are crucial for ensuring the smooth retention and motivation of key leaders. Car dealers face unique challenges when aligning expectations, especially in developing and retaining top talent to support growth strategies, enhance business value, secure longevity, and achieve family and business succession goals. [...]

Timing Valuations for Car Dealers: When and Why

2024-01-12T12:31:52-06:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Succession Blog, Valuations & Succession Planning for Car Dealers, Video|

In the fast-paced world of car dealerships, knowing when to pursue a valuation for your business is a question that often puzzles owners. In this video, we explore the critical timing considerations for valuations, focusing on one area that demands precision: wealth transfer within the next generation of dealership owners. [...]

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Strategic Growth and Succession Success

2023-10-05T14:41:33-05:00By |Automotive, Video|

Succession planning in a family business involves much more than drafting wills and trusts. While these legal aspects are crucial, they represent only a small fraction of the overall picture. To ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your family business, you must consider various factors, including culture, strategic growth, and the intricate dynamics [...]

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