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Multi Unit Franchising Conference: Booth #439

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Our passion is to Impact Lives & Grow Business Legacies. We collaborate with private business owners and leaders to build thriving business' that will perform, inspire and sustain through multiple generations. Visit us at our booth #439. We will be discussing with multi unit franchisee owners Strategies for sustainable growth, Keys for building a culture [...]

4 Steps to Stay Calm and Carry On

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This simple phrase helped the British people to deal with the crisis of WWII. It’s powerful but how do you do this, when you’re anxious about so many things? Our lives feel up side down and we’re being told to live our lives completely differently than normal. My wife married me for better or [...]

Video: Stay Calm and Carry On

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In “Stay Calm and Carry On” Hugh Roberts provides uplifting encouragement to business owners during times of stress, such as COVID-19. Download Hugh's PDF List Actions Hugh challenges us all to reach out to help when you need it, as these are tough times. Those working from home and juggling [...]

The Path Forward Recording – Virtual Conversation – April 1

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As a caring leader your people are looking to you for encouragement, optimism and strategies for the path forward. Listen to the discussion and hear what our  panel of  Legal, HR/people, Tax, Strategy and Leaderships experts had to say about the CARE Act, SBA Loans, Paycheck Protection Program and strategies for leading during times of stress and [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – Being There For Employees And Customers During Covid-19

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What is happening? Where are we going? When will this end? How much worse can it get? These are challenging and uncertain times, to say the least. In just a few days the economy began to grind to a halt while anxiety and panic left the general public with their mouths wide open. Your [...]

Dr. Merlot’s 9 Reminders to Survive and Thrive

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Dr Merlot provides 9 reminders to survive and thrive during tough times like COVID-19.   Main thing to remember, is "YOU GOT THIS." Download Dr. Merlot's reminders below, but before you do; it is worth hearing the commentary. Download PDF List of 9 Reminders Contact us and we can help [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – Franchise Business Partnerships – Evil King or Hand-Cuffed President?

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The Evil King vs. the Hand-Cuffed President - who do you want to be? Our experience has demonstrated that the best way to position yourself and your successor is somewhere in the middle. Certainly, no one wants to run a business without the autonomy to make critical operational decisions. Creating a lasting business structure [...]

Artificial Limitations

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In Artificial Limitations, Robert Wilson challenges us all to identify what may be holding us back. He shares a short story called the "Elephant Rope" which illustrates how we can become conditioned to our environment, which impacts professional and personal growth, innovation and fulfillment. Robert challenges us to move beyond our artificial limitations, [...]

Pro-active Innovation

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"If You Resist Change, then You Resist Life." ~Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Our world before COVID-19 was constantly changing. The speed of technology, political changes and consumer behavior have kept business owner's on their toes for decades. We are in a new normal with COVID-19 and the economy and your business will be impacted. [...]

Navigating the Unknown-Virtual Conversation – March 24

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Navigating the unexpected is challenging enough, without a global pandemic creating panic. Businesses are being directly impacted in ways not seen since the Great Depression. Protecting business profits and your people are tough to do when being forced to shut down or engage in social distancing. Protecting your family and community are just [...]