Private equity firms have been making waves in various industries, from healthcare to technology and even sports. While private equity (PE) for a growth, succession or exit strategy may seem appealing due to the potential for high returns and the various options it offers as a business owner, it is crucial to understand the unexpected outcomes that may impact your business vision and goals.

Pros and Cons of Private Equity Partnership

PE firms can be great financial partners for a business seeking expansion. They can provide the necessary resources for growth or succession strategy, but it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the terms of engagement before committing to a PE partnership. Establishing the right partnership regarding your objectives and having a clear exit strategy is essential.

When considering a PE partnership, it is important to decide how much control you are willing to give up and how involved you want to be in the company. Any new partner means more people involved in making decisions, so a solid relationship or employment agreement is crucial. Remember that PE firms are only interested in return on investment.

Private Equity as a Succession Planning Strategy

PE firms can also provide an exit strategy for a business owner. As time passes, consumer behavior, limiting legislation, and developing technology can impact a business’s ability to remain competitive. Additional challenges may arise for those running a family business, such as sibling rivalries, multiple stockholders, conflicting expectations, and commitment levels.

PE can facilitate an exit strategy if the owner is ready to move on, but it’s important to note that the advantages of ownership may pale compared to the profits of a sale. PE can provide liquidity, but it’s crucial to consider factors such as the treatment of key partners and management, the impact on employees and company culture, and the compatibility of the buyer with the company culture.

PE’s Lack of Industry Understanding

PE firms are generally unfamiliar with the specific industry nuances and their workings. They conduct business through frontmen who sell the market’s potential profits to PE investors. Real investors are often represented by intelligent, competitive brokers or consolidators, but these “fronters” only have their interests in mind.

Consider the Long-Term Impact

Whether you want to grow and sell or create a long-term family asset, partnering with a private equity firm creates many unintended consequences. It’s crucial to understand the potential impediments to fulfill your long-term vision brought on by PE. While PE can be a great source of liquidity, it’s important to consider the long-term impact and resist giving up what may seem like immediate liquidity.

Private equity can be an attractive option for those seeking expansion or an exit strategy. However, it’s essential to thoroughly understand the terms of engagement and to consider the potential impact on your business vision, employees, and company culture. Make sure you establish the right partnership and have a clear exit strategy and resist the temptation to give up control and long-term stability for immediate liquidity.

How We Help You

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The article was initially published on Private Equity Could Impact Your Purpose and Future Business Vision.

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