Value is derived from a variety of areas within the organization. Understanding the value drivers is a critical component of ensuring long-term sustainability and success. The four key areas of focus, as outlined in “Building a Foundation to Weather the Storm” are relationships, lending, operations and leadership. Although leadership is one of the most important categories for long-term success, it is not the only one.

We discussed last time how leadership impacts value in the areas of generational management, recruiting and retention, successor identification, and development. This time, we are going to look at the area of relationships and drill down into how they impact the value of your franchise operations. As with any business operation, relationships are a critical piece of the complex multi-unit franchisee business puzzle. The franchise industry is one that relies on relationships more than many others because of the dependence on brand reputation and product quality.

Although there are a multitude of relationships that have impact on the success of a franchise, there are three that play directly into the value of your organization:

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