In, “Leadership in Times of Crisis – the OODA Cylce,” Loyd Rawls (Dr. Merlot) explains how and why you are a good leader; why you don’t need to worry; why you can project to those that are depending upon you: “We got this!! This is our time to shine!”  He also explains how you can use the theory of modern warfare “The OODA” cycle, to problem solve while under pressure, make decisions in times of uncertainty and give your people confidence in the future. 

Allow us to remind you leaders that this CV-19 crisis is nothing new; you’ve been here before. A crisis is a crisis, whether it is a hurricane, fire or flood hitting your community, issues in your supply chain, or a personal issue impacting one of your employees, key leaders or family members.

Remember, You Got This! Have confidence in your instincts and lean on the OODA Cycle to make well thought out decisions.

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Owner Motivation and Perspective

An owner’s perspective and attitude towards the business, employees and the community shapes the culture of the organization, attitudes of employees and customers.

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