Press Release – October 5, 2017

The announcement of the proposed repeal of the federal estate tax and the GST tax could provide an immediate opportunity for those that want to take advantage before the next presidential change. For business owners and high net worth individuals, the repeal affects those that have an estate plan in place, as well as those that are either in process or need to get their plan established.

 “Clients often ask us why they should even bother addressing their estate tax issues if the estate taxes are going away, based on proposals from the current administration“ comments Hugh Roberts. “The truth of the matter is that this is a fight that has been going on in Congress for the last 50 plus years. Regardless of the outcome, it will likely change with the next administration. Therefore, being prepared and being ready to act when given opportunity, is more important than waiting for the perfect combination of time or situation, if not for any other reason, the unknown is unpredictable,” continued Roberts.

 Earlier this year, Hugh Roberts wrote an article focused on Trump’s effect that you can read here


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