family-business-succession-planningWhen times are going well, recruiting, and retaining talent is challenging. When times are going great amidst a pandemic, it has become downright almost impossible.  Business owners are facing talent shortages like never.  The competition is across industries, local and state borders.  The transition to flexible and remote work environments are enticing workers to look outside of their local communities.

One thing remains constant, and that is that our people are our biggest asset.  However, as events force change, we can control how flexible we want to be in our environments.

Knowledge is power, after all.  Recruiting and retaining top talent is critical to building and sustaining business value. Understanding and implementing the following winning strategies will position you and your business for the future you envision.

  1. Secrets to Landing the Best Talent:     Investing time to get to know your candidates is essential to ensure you have the right person not just for the opening, but also for your culture.   Winning cultures attract and retain top talent.  When your people feel respected, invested in, and there are opportunities to grow; they sing your praises amongst the community at large.
  2. Recruiting Post-Pandemic:     COVID-19 forced us all to thrive differently.  Mindsets have changed, which means it is essential for business owners and key leaders to pro-actively adjust as well.
  3. Landing the Rockstar Whose Worth More Than You’re Prepared to Offer:      Competition for talent is as tight as it has ever been.  Therefore, employers need to be strategic AND innovative when building “compensation” packages that motivate the candidate to say yes to you. This means considering things outside of just the salary or “monetary” payout and looking at benefits, flexible schedules, paid time off, and more.
  4. Attracting Top Talent with Innovative Incentives:     Thinking outside the box is essential if you want to land THE rockstar. Business owners are not just competing with other dealers for talent anymore. You are competing with any company that provides the innovative “out of the box” offers that motivate them to choose.
  5. Developing Talent from Within Versus Recruiting Outside Talent:     Successful recruiting from within the organization is a hallmark characteristic of a WINNING culture.  This means the business owner and key leaders have put people first, knowing that people are the greatest asset to building value.

Qualified, motivated, and loyal people are hard to find, and when you find them, you want to keep them.  Winning at the talent game begins and ends with your CULTURE! In summary:

  1. Audit the organization’s culture, by location and department. Determine existing actions, behaviors and policies that support your mission, vision, and core values. Immediately address those out of alignment.
  2. Examine leadership, growth potential, and/or salary/benefits, and make changes where necessary as it relates to building a culture that attracts, retains, and builds value.
  3. Review recruiting strategies and enhance where appropriate where innovative thinking and lessons from COVID add value, create options and enhances flexibility.
  4. Refine retention policies to ensure you are retaining the best and the brightest.
  5. Invest in leadership development programs to position yourself to develop talent from within.

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The article was originally published on the Digital Dealer website and magazine: Untangling the Talent Knot

Contact us and we can help you with insights, other resources, and see if it makes sense to work together. At the very least, in 30 minutes, you may get some ideas you can apply to your business right away.

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