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“Your Tribe” provides five different perspectives from women in leadership’s unique view of the world. We are pioneers, trailblazers, go-getters, power professionals, marvelous moms, friends, and so much more. Our discussions span from leadership, business, relationships, and personal growth, and everything in between.

Your tribe is just that, YOURS, which means, please reach if you have something you would like to chat about with us, or maybe chime in on. Share your thoughts and ideas by reaching out to

Thank you to our 5 excellent coaches for sharing insight and perspectives and showing the power of vulnerability.

Learn more about our background by listening to or watching our first episode titled.”Your Tribe”

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Ownership and Accountability

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Ownership is a big part of leadership as a team member or team leader. How you choose to show up and influence those around you is owning your attitude. Everything you do impacts someone else in some form or fashion, positively or negatively. Ownership is taking responsibility for your actions [...]

Productive Flow

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There are hundreds of self-help time management books professing best practices for "getting stuff done." But, the key to remember in finding your productive flow is a best practice is only a best practice if it works for you. Listen to four different perspectives and approaches to time ownership and [...]

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