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Hugh B. Roberts, a member of The Rawls Group since 1996, specializes in dealing with issues that must be resolved by clients and their families in order to preserve assets and develop succession plans for their organizations. Working in concert with the client’s other advisors, Hugh orchestrates the development of an integrated plan addressing the business, tax, financial, family and emotional issues, which must be overcome to ensure the preservation of businesses, estates and families.

Hugh has delivered seminars to over 60 Automotive Twenty-Groups, the North Carolina, Utah and Michigan Auto Dealers Associations, and many NADA Conventions over the past 20 years. Hugh has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, a Master of Arts from Fuller Seminary, and is a CFP® professional, while also being one of The Ralws Group’s top family business succession planning experts.

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Family Business: Harboring Gratitude versus Resentment

Listen in to Hugh’s insight into how to create meaningful strategies to ensure you are harboring gratefulness versus unintended resentment amongst family. A grateful heart is significant when we feel we’ve gone above and beyond to provide something for our children/grandchildren. Knowing our children are thankful usually inspires us to want to do more for them. Over the past year, my partners and I at The Rawls Group have constantly reminded our clients of the need to utilize their lifetime exemption, which is currently $11.7M per person and $23.4M per married couple. We expect a [...]

It’s Tough Being Your Kid!

How do you mentor a child who is interested in joining your business, give them the greatest possibilities for succeeding, without making them feel and believe they need to be just like you? First, embrace that your child is different from you. So, if they feel they have to be like you to succeed, they are doomed to failure. Developing your successor child/children will involve a variety of complex areas – all of which are interdependent on the other.  You will have to clarify expectations, define roles and responsibilities, leverage mentors, understand and embrace differences in communication and leadership [...]

Episode 1: What Is Changing in the Areas of Estate Tax?

With a change in the President, comes changes in estate tax law. This can provide short term opportunities, as well as a lot of speculation looking into the future. As such, there are many questions and what ifs. To help navigate this unknown environment we have asked our good friends and experts at Crowe to chime in. Kevin Gilbreath, a Tax Partner with Crowe and The Rawls Group's own succession planners Hugh Roberts and David Weaver will be discussing over the next seven episodes, advanced tax strategies in the “Planning Post Pandemic and Political Unrest: [...]

Episode 3: What Planning Should I Be Doing?

If there is one thing 2020 has taught us, it is that every year has its unknowns. The global pandemic, social unrest and an election of 2020 are extra, but you could easily replace these unknowns with an unexpected divorce, marriage, or new business partner. Either way we are frequently asked “What Planning Should I Be Doing?” Unfortunately, we find that business owners often feel they should wait until they know more about tax laws and the future make up of family and business before initiating planning. Over the past 45+ years, our friends and [...]

Episode 5: Are There Downfalls to Holding Off on Planning?

You may be wondering if there any downfalls to holding off on planning? What the last year has proven is that there is no time like the present, no matter what’s going on. In this episode of “Planning Post Pandemic and What’s in It for Me,” Kevin Gilbreath, a Tax Partner with Crowe and our very own succession planners David Weaver and Hugh Roberts discuss what holding off on planning could mean for you. As you listen to this episode you will walk away with key take a-ways and will realize you will want more. [...]

Episode 7: What Are Next Steps For Owner’s to Enhance Their Planning?

The Rawls Group and the experts at Crowe collaborate and guide our clients through the succession planning process and balancing the 4 F’s of Feelings, Family, Finances, and the Federal Tax Law. In this episode of the series, the discussion focuses on Where should a business owner start to begin planning.  Depending on one’s comfortability with the topic, it can feel overwhelming and seem like a confusing massive undertaking.  Have no fear, our expert panel provides key steps to help you get started. As you listen to this episode you will walk away with key [...]


What is Changing In the Areas of Estate Tax?


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