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Hugh B. Roberts, a member of The Rawls Group since 1996, specializes in dealing with issues that must be resolved by clients and their families in order to preserve assets and develop succession plans for their organizations. Working in concert with the client’s other advisors, Hugh orchestrates the development of an integrated plan addressing the business, tax, financial, family and emotional issues, which must be overcome to ensure the preservation of businesses, estates and families.

Hugh has delivered seminars to over 60 Automotive Twenty-Groups, the North Carolina, Utah and Michigan Auto Dealers Associations, and many NADA Conventions over the past 20 years. Hugh has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, a Master of Arts from Fuller Seminary, and is a CFP® professional, while also being one of The Ralws Group’s top family business succession planning experts.

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Episode 5: Are There Downfalls to Holding Off on Planning?

You may be wondering if there any downfalls to holding off on planning? What the last year has proven is that there is no time like the present, no matter what’s going on. In this episode of “Planning Post Pandemic and What’s in It for Me,” Kevin Gilbreath, a Tax Partner with Crowe and our very own succession planners David Weaver and Hugh Roberts discuss what holding off on planning could mean for you. As you listen to this episode you will walk away with key take a-ways and will realize you will want more. [...]

Episode 7: What Are Next Steps For Owner’s to Enhance Their Planning?

The Rawls Group and the experts at Crowe collaborate and guide our clients through the succession planning process and balancing the 4 F’s of Feelings, Family, Finances, and the Federal Tax Law. In this episode of the series, the discussion focuses on Where should a business owner start to begin planning.  Depending on one’s comfortability with the topic, it can feel overwhelming and seem like a confusing massive undertaking.  Have no fear, our expert panel provides key steps to help you get started. As you listen to this episode you will walk away with key [...]

Since Business Disruptions are Expected, How Can We Learn from COVID-19?

Navigating a global pandemic is tough enough to do, more so when there are direct impacts on our day-to-day businesses. However, the silver lining when going through something like COVID-19 is the enormous amount of intelligence and insight we gain. We can’t predict the future but we can position our people and company to be ready when the time comes. Create a crisis recovery and contingency plan and encourage feedback from external and internal sources. Continue exploring the benefits of having remote workers, and consider revisiting your strategic plan to ensure you have the capital, management [...]

What You Should Consider If Family Is Not Interested In Working In The Dealership?

Just because your kids do not want to be involved in the business, does not mean you are out of options for maintaining the legacy. The last thing you want to do is force your business down to the next generation who may not have the same passion for it, or maybe have different ideas for what they would like to do that are out of alignment with the business vision. The legacy of your business is not only in how you set your family up for financial success, it is also allowing your business [...]

What’s The Best Message Leaders Can Send In Times of Crisis?

We often get too focused on what we are going to say to our customers and clients and forget about our employees. It is critical your employees are informed well before your clients. This provides a sense of being safe and protected and keeps the rumor mill from churning, while also ensuring your customers and clients are getting the message you need them to receive. Katherine McGuire with MCM CPAs and Advisors and Hugh Roberts with The Rawls Group emphasize the importance of your people, your customers, your communities knowing “you got this” and that [...]

Video: I Don’t Want to Retire

For most business owners, you love what you do and you probably feel like Bobby Bowden, FSU football coach who was reported to say, “I don’t want to retire and die six months later like Bear Bryant!” To many, retirement feels like the end. I’m just like so many of you – retirement is not a goal of mine. BUT,  I understand that if I want my clients to continue to be well served beyond me, I need to prepare my successor/s. Watch this short video where Hugh Robert's shares strategies to prepare where successors, while still doing what you [...]


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