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It’s Tough Being Your Kid!

2021-01-18T09:57:21-06:00By |Succession Blog|

How do you mentor a child who is interested in joining your business, give them the greatest possibilities for succeeding, without making them feel and believe they need to be just like you? First, embrace that your child is different from you. So, if they feel they have to be like you to succeed, [...]

Episode 1: What Is Changing in the Areas of Estate Tax?

2021-02-12T16:05:34-06:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Leading Your Business Through Transition, Planning Post Pandemic & Political Unrest, Succession Podcast|

With a change in the President, comes changes in estate tax law. This can provide short term opportunities, as well as a lot of speculation looking into the future. As such, there are many questions and what ifs. To help navigate this unknown environment we have asked our good friends [...]

Episode 5: Are There Downfalls to Holding Off on Planning?

2021-02-12T16:06:48-06:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Planning Post Pandemic & Political Unrest|

You may be wondering if there any downfalls to holding off on planning? What the last year has proven is that there is no time like the present, no matter what’s going on. In this episode of “Planning Post Pandemic and What’s in It for Me,” Kevin Gilbreath, a Tax [...]

Episode 7: What Are Next Steps For Owner’s to Enhance Their Planning?

2021-02-12T16:08:14-06:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Planning Post Pandemic & Political Unrest|

The Rawls Group and the experts at Crowe collaborate and guide our clients through the succession planning process and balancing the 4 F’s of Feelings, Family, Finances, and the Federal Tax Law. In this episode of the series, the discussion focuses on Where should a business owner start to begin [...]

Since Business Disruptions are Expected, How Can We Learn from COVID-19?

2020-11-17T20:25:38-06:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Burning Questions, Video|

Navigating a global pandemic is tough enough to do, more so when there are direct impacts on our day-to-day businesses. However, the silver lining when going through something like COVID-19 is the enormous amount of intelligence and insight we gain. We can’t predict the future but we can position our people [...]

What You Should Consider If Family Is Not Interested In Working In The Dealership?

2020-09-21T14:26:46-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Burning Questions, Video|

Just because your kids do not want to be involved in the business, does not mean you are out of options for maintaining the legacy. The last thing you want to do is force your business down to the next generation who may not have the same passion for it, [...]

What’s The Best Message Leaders Can Send In Times of Crisis?

2020-08-24T13:00:26-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Burning Questions, Leading Your Business Through Transition, Video|

We often get too focused on what we are going to say to our customers and clients and forget about our employees. It is critical your employees are informed well before your clients. This provides a sense of being safe and protected and keeps the rumor mill from churning, while [...]

I Don’t Want To Retire

2020-10-27T15:50:04-05:00By |Succession Blog|

I’ve heard this a thousand times from business owner clients over almost 40 years I’ve been a business succession planner. I understand - I don’t want to retire and I’m five years older than the age my father retired. For most business owners, you love what you do and you probably feel like Bobby [...]

What is Changing In the Areas of Estate Tax?


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