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Hugh B. Roberts, a member of The Rawls Group since 1996, specializes in dealing with issues that must be resolved by clients and their families in order to preserve assets and develop succession plans for their organizations. Working in concert with the client’s other advisors, Hugh orchestrates the development of an integrated plan addressing the business, tax, financial, family and emotional issues, which must be overcome to ensure the preservation of businesses, estates and families.

Hugh has delivered seminars to over 60 Automotive Twenty-Groups, the North Carolina, Utah and Michigan Auto Dealers Associations, and many NADA Conventions over the past 20 years. Hugh has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, a Master of Arts from Fuller Seminary, and is a CFP® professional, while also being one of The Ralws Group’s top family business succession planning experts.

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Striking a Balance: Family and Business Harmony in Succession Planning

"That was my dream - to have my kids join me in the family business, but now it feels more like a nightmare!" This sentiment is all too common among business owners who want to build a family business legacy through succession planning. Why does it work well for some families but not for others? The Contradiction: Family vs. Business The term "Family Business" is contradictory. Family is about unconditional acceptance, while business is about conditional performance. In my experience of over 50 years in succession planning with family businesses, most are imbalanced towards [...]

Blending Family Ties with Business Goals: The Road to Harmonious Succession

Many family business owners aspire to have their children become an integral part of their enterprise. However, merging familial ties with business operations often presents a complex dynamic that can be difficult to balance. The Two Faces of Family Business At first glance, the concept of a 'family business' seems contradictory. In a family setting, bonds are built on unconditional acceptance, cherishing each other for the simple fact of being family. In stark contrast, the world of business is a realm of results and performance metrics. From decades of immersion in succession planning, it's [...]

Preparing Your Successor

Leading with Resilience, Winning Against Tough Competitors, and Overcoming Adversity With over 50 years of family business succession planning experience, we fully understand the challenges of balancing the family or the business when dealing with family members in your company. However, regardless of your approach to grooming your child as a successor owner, the ultimate goal is to ensure they are equipped to take over the business. So, the crucial question is, "Is your successor truly prepared?" If the answer is NO, it's crucial to identify what steps must be taken. Family Business Balance First, let's address one of [...]

Empowering Next-Gen Family Members, Both In and Out of the Business

Thirty-five years ago, Roland Spongberg started a restaurant company with one El Pollo Loco in Long Beach, CA. Today, WKS Restaurant Company employs 12,000 employees across 375 restaurants in 19 states operating Denny’s, El Pollo Loco, Krispy Kreme, and Wendy’s. From a pure family perspective, with six children, Roland initially thought he would simply divide his estate by six. However, as an owner of a business with the family involved, he realized quickly it was much more complicated. Roland had family working in the business with different levels of leadership, family not working in the [...]

What Will Your Estate Planning Produce – Gratefulness or Resentment?

As of July 2021, the lifetime exemption is $11.7M per person and $23.4M per married couple. However, we expect a significant reduction in the lifetime exemption due to President Biden's tax proposals, if not this year, then no later than December 31, 2025. As a result, common questions we are hearing are: How will gifting affect my lifestyle? Will this adversely affect our children? Parents desire to 'treat each of our children fairly.' Therefore, 'if I'm going to gift to one child, I need to give my other children a similar amount. Splitting the cake in half may seem [...]

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