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Communication Overhaul

2015-08-11T15:38:00-05:00By |Succession Blog|

As a therapist, my most frequent request is to “Improve Communication.” The family will express they, “don’t communicate well,” however, what I find is that they do communicate well; they just don’t use appropriate communication techniques. The following are common scenarios: - I think you are mad at me, so I withdraw and quit talking [...]

How Do You Fill The Room?

2015-08-11T15:38:00-05:00By |Succession Blog|

There is an unconscious quality that some call “presence,” others call “attitude,” and all of which try to explain “what is it that you fill the room with?” We all have leaders and we usually judge them by asking “what kind of leader is he or she?” and “must I respect them?” This starts very [...]

How to Deal With Addiction in the Family Business

2013-11-18T15:38:00-06:00By |Newsletter Archive|

Addiction is an unfortunate but common issue that many families have to deal with, and families in business together are no exception. When a family member has an addiction—be it drugs, sex, gambling, or alcohol—the issue must be addressed in order to have long-term family harmony and stability. This is especially critical if the addict [...]

Family Dynamics – The Different Child

2012-09-04T16:22:00-05:00By |Newsletter Archive|

What happens to the child who was different from the rest of the family and was ignored and neglected during childhood? This is a family dynamic that deserves attention. Children need to be noticed, comforted and nurtured to help them find their way in the world. Some children are an easy fit for their parents [...]

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