What should be determined immediately is if “brand bible” is just being used as a cute term for core policies and procedures or do they really mean “Brand Bible.”

The concept of using the term brand bible conveys that this document is the foundation or reference for belief, trust and faith. Inherent with the behavior, attitude, attained skills, knowledge and experience that are associated with belief, trust and faith there is the assumption that the business will grow in power, strength and resilience. However, this is faulty logic if there has been no process through which the brand bible has been proven as the source of strength as in Bible. In the absence of a profession of belief and faith by the rank and file employees and managers who are integral to the strength in the mystical powers of branding the use of the term bible is very assumptive. Actually, a safer presumption would be that all those exposed to the brand bible the first time will have doubt or even cynicism. 

I believe that in order to be successful in a branding initiative, we must convert the precepts of a brand bible into Organizational Covenants to achieve the strength that everyone anticipates. In other words, organizational believers should preach brand beliefs and then have organizational alter calls regarding how those beliefs are going to drive behavior. The Bible is based upon on two fundamental Covenants that have created unimaginable strength. A business will need a many more covenants because the business “higher power” does not have the same horse power as the Devine Higher Power.

As you and I know, attaining these Organizational c=Covenants will require a tremendous faith, effort and commitment. Unfortunately, just like the Devine Covenants, much of the effort of Organizational Covenants will be wasted because generously 50% of the current employees are statistical turnover casualties. “The road is wide but the gate is narrow.” We don’t need everyone to buy in to branding immediately. We just need to identify our zealots, build our house upon them and give them the forums to preach and walk their talk. Long term expressions of faith in Organizational Covenants combined with a commitment to role model brand bible behavior by a Remnant of a constantly growing brand believers will generate the power, strength and resilience needed to create a sustainable competitive advantage. More over, in order to achieve realize the potential strength of a brand bible, the business must have a higher purpose than just making money: we must impact lives!!!! 

Maybe a mini mission for a branding imitative would be “Brand Believer.” After we have the believers we can then proclaim our brand manual to be a Brand Bible.

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